Crying Cactus Poem by Vijay Sai R

Crying Cactus

Rating: 3.6

Though I am full of thorns
Nobody dares to think
I too have a tender heart inside!

Antonio Liao 17 January 2010

Wow! you got the center of what is life.....a destined life to service belongs to you.... my bow and have made life so wonderful.....God bless I like your style God bless....a 10 with a Star....

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Sandra Dodd 16 January 2010

isnt this how women are trained to regard men as sthlworth and somewhat unfeelinng so untrue

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Sandra Dodd 15 January 2010

Very Nice. Almost a haike or synue if you reversed lines 2 and 3. Not a criticism, just an observation.

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Elysabeth Faslund 17 March 2012

Meter is 6-6-9...this is haiku/senryu. I am full of thorns. Who dares think a tender heart inside.[[[period]]]]]does this help you tighten this wonderful poem? ? ? Just a thought! ! !

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Sonali Sings 12 November 2011

Well said. I wish the cactus said something more, its qualities abound, you see...

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 December 2018

Lovely Title: Smart Alliteration. Even a rude looking one, is not always rude in the inside. A thought provoking poem, well worded and in brevity. I looked at the title and I clicked to read the poem, but what do I see? I had responded last year, WOW! Exactly in the same month December! A brilliant poem though a brevity. A 10 full vote.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 December 2017

It is not always true what you see from the outside. A thought provoking poem, well worded in brevity. Thank you for sharing this intriguing poem.

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Kewayne Wadley 19 June 2015

Perfection captured in a few lines! Very touching as most wouldn't care to think, rather than the appearence of things

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Leloudia Migdali 31 August 2014

Sheer truth in a few lines! I loved it!

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Sarojini Pattayat 01 May 2013

Nice touching poem.Expression of emotion in few word really attracts.Best wishes.

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Vijay Sai R

Vijay Sai R

Trichy, South India
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