Ferguson, Mo., On Fire Poem by Hebert Logerie

Ferguson, Mo., On Fire

There is a little town named Ferguson
In the USA, it does not rhyme
With neither Iraq, nor Afghanistan;
That would be a crime
For anyone to think so.
This place has been a racial battle ground,
Since the cowardly murder of Michael Brown.
The entire world thinks so.
Michael, an unarmed teenager,
Was shot six times by a white perpetrator.
The manner, in which he was killed, was egregious.
One would have to be ultra-malicious,
To call such a criminal, such a dastard: an officer.
The black population erupted with anger,
Due to past racial discrimination and harassment.
The Police have been aggressively rude, arrogant
And abusive, which is a clear violation of their oath.
Those cops have been trigger-happy, stupid and rough.
They need to be retrained, they need to be reminded
That they are public servants. They deserved to be reprimanded.
The motto: to serve and protect, means nothing to them.
They harass and attack the Public, they don't give a damn.
Ferguson is on fire. The Police are throwing tear-gas.
The protestors are falling hard in the streets, on the grass,
On the sidewalks. People are hurt; journalists are taken in to custody.
Is this America? Is this Syria? Is this Afghanistan? Is this Germany
In 1941, under the command of Hitler?
I am confused; the civilized world is full of anger.
That's a darn shame; Ferguson
Quickly became another Lebanon.
We need all violence to cease
Now, now; we are besieged.
Things do not look too good nowadays,
This is a repetition of the civil rights days,
More than half century ago.
This is a tragedy. This is a fiasco.
We failed to learn from history,
We need to change Ferguson, Missouri.
We want JUSTICE,
We want the Police
To serve and protect,
To help and detect
The bad weeds,
And to get rid of the evil seeds
Within. We want Justice,
Reconciliation and Peace.

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