Festival Gives Chance For Unity, Peace And Benefits!

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Festival time meeting of relatives and friends is a great fun and joy worth enjoying;
For, festival gives the opportunity to meet all after a longtime and renew relations;
Festival helps to promote unity, happiness and peace among all during that occasion;
Festival also gives opportunity to shake hands of friendship to forget old enmity!

Rivalry, enmity and fights among kith and kin are very bad for future of heirs;
Festival time only gives a chance to forget enmity and forgive wrongs of others;
By unity all can enjoy thousands of benefits in the community and society sure;
That is cultural way of settling matters of silly nature dividing close relatives and friends!

From August to February of every year a lot of festivals are coming to unite all;
Unity and peace are very important in the world to unite nations to form one world;
By such act only, globally all can move with all by friendship and enjoy a lot of benefits;
That is the way Utopia with paradise to live in harmony with Nature is possible long!

Festivals are wise way of uniting all people as brothers and sisters for peace;
Without unity, love and peace, no chance of saving Earth from wars and natural disasters!

Festivals give opportunity for uniting fighting rivals and developing friendship to promote peace, unity and benefits in thousand ways!
Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

Fantastic poem, wisley worded, BUT we have not so many festivals as in your country, Ramesh! We have only Old and New Year, Christmas and the Birthdays, but not as many as your dear beloved homeland has.5 Stars fullest for your well captivated poem.

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