# Fetish Poem by Sonya Florentino

# Fetish

Rating: 3.4

I want to kiss those hands

Those big strong hands

With veins like pathways

Fiercely trodden

Those hands that hold me, protect me

Conquer and subdue me

Those hands that caress and seduce me

Grip me, burn me!

Those hands that soothe and relax me

Love and revere me

And fold me and gently

Lull me to sleep

Laurie Hill 13 August 2009

Love and revere me And fold me and gently Lull me to sleep ...so sweet, the touch of a lovers hand...

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Saadat Tahir 22 August 2009

beautiful....in a concrete jungle..and buzz of impersonal life you planted a beacon of love a fount of everland .u come up with such tender stuff... beautifull...very nice did it twice only a tender loving heart can manage this chill

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Shashendra Amalshan 20 August 2009

Hey Susan said it well indeed my dear ma'am... this is so very passionate and lovely.... I felt those lines in my veins.... I did only two or three these kinda poems, ... I believe poetry has to come from within.. don't know when I am gona write some thing as passionate and lovely as this one lolss.. But I feel this is written from heart with so much passion anyway really good one.. lots of loves/friend shan

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Susan Jarvis 18 August 2009

This is sensual, seductive and beautiful - so much better than a fetish for feet! S ;)

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Simply stunning poetry Sonya! The hands have it for you and I don't blame you! ! ! Especially with the 'veins like pathways'. I know the others have commented on this, but it did it for me too! Wonderful......love Karin 10

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Patti Masterman 15 August 2009

This is like a sweet lullaby. And yes, 'veins like pathways' is one KILLER line. The whole poem has a beautiful flow that gives it a great feeling of peacefulness.

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

Manila, Philippines (residing NYC)
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