By The Second Line Poem by Sonya Florentino

By The Second Line

Rating: 4.9

The drawing came back
Like a second line of a poem
My throat grew tight, chills
ran down my spine

I remember I was once
spellbound by a child’s drawing
of earth and sky... water and light
Her deft hands and inner eye
capturing dream and reality
the transparent duality
There in the surface of the lake
in that thin layer of reflection

The green in the trees, the blue in the sky
The gleam in the lake, the sun’s golden eye

The drawing was a poem
that awakened my heart
A déjà vu of sorts
A painting in verse
mirror a picture in words
the vision
mine and hers
One and the same
both recognizing
that face without name

Same lake, same vision
A third eye’s inward reflection

I returned to the drawing in a flash
My eyes ripple life... my smile
Widening like the sky

* with much thanks to Ronald Peat for challenging me to re-write
'Spellbound' and to capture epiphanies

Sandra Martyres 04 September 2009

Artistically portrayed poemwith vivid pictures - a very good write Sonya

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Smiley Hooker 02 September 2009

This is so wonderful and thoughts provoking, my friend! sends chill to my spine also...unexpected things happened sometimes and I believe they do on purpose. hugs & kisses, Smiley

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 01 September 2009

A fine scenery of the mind.

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nomad omnia 31 August 2009

This is one of your best, Sonya. I agree - exceptional work. N

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Sarwar Chowdhury 31 August 2009

me, too, spellbound reading this fine poem! imgeries are WOW! 10+

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Lillian Thomas 08 November 2009

very very nice Sonya, I like it much better than the original Spellbound, esp. the ending it very strong. My favorite lines are the last two, though there are several others in a close second: 'My eyes ripple life... my smile Widening like the sky'

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Lorenzo Costigliolo 28 October 2009

interesting concept that inspiration transcends media - as one view becoming the personification of another - how music can inspire words, pictures inspire music (as in Moussorsky) and people inspire art (Mona Lisa) . Opens up old avenues of expression for new exploration.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 18 October 2009

the imagery is class..a very good write sonya

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Reshma Ramesh 17 September 2009


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Ency Bearis 05 September 2009

a wonderful allegory poem....well written....10

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

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