Fidget Spinners Poem by Akhtar Jawad

Fidget Spinners

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I see my grandchildren all times
never without a fidget spinner
whether it's the dining table
or it's their soft and hot bed.
I am annoyed when they come to me
for help in their home works,
and when I am explaining how to solve
a difficult and confusing sum,
with their eyes concentrated on the rotating spinner
they say they have fully followed me.
I wonder and when I ask them to solve a similar sum
they solve it correctly to my satisfaction.
One day when they went to their schools
I took a fidget spinner and rotated it.
Unconsciously I started thinking about the universe
and its creator.
A difficult and confusing sum for me.
I solved it,
the creator rotates the spinner once,
the natural laws keep it rotating
as long as the friction of certain worldly things
allow it to rotate.
But during the hypnotizing spinners' dance
there is beauty of love and romance.
I went to the gates of my house
I found there my lovely spouse
We exchanged smiles
she pointed out with her index finger
the school van bringing home
our dearest fidget spinners!
God! Stop the old spinners,
and give their time to the new and pretty ones,
let them dance for a longer time!

Fidget Spinners
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: grandfather,grandmother,universe
Oratile Diratsagae 11 May 2018

I believe you told it from and to the heart...god bless

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Indira Renganathan 05 October 2017

What a lovely poem Akhtar...same thing is going on in my house also with my grand daughter....this poem excites me as much as the fidget spinners....thanks for sharing

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Valsa George 24 September 2017

Grand children bring a lot of joy to aged grand parents! They are ready to do anything for them, even vacate their place for the younger ones to flourish in life....! This bond between these two age groups is astonishingly so strong and intact. But unfortunately when grandchildren grow up, the picture may change, but the attitude of the grannies are not likely to undergo any change....! Beautiful poem where I see a grandfather and grandmother gloating over their children's children!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 September 2017

A grandfather and grandmother's universe is united with grandchildren with emotion, love, thought and affection around home. Still sometimes dilemma comes in mind and confusion follows with difficulties. Sum is solved correctly with satisfaction. Let them dance for a longer time with spinning minds for God. Brilliant and excellent poem is shared here...10

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