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Fine Tuned Universe - Evidence For God? - Poem by Spock the Vegan

Some say the evidence for God is all around us,
but some can't see the forest for the trees.
Let's look a little closer.

The current standard model of particle physics has 25 numbers
(called parameters by scientists) , with an additional parameter,
the cosmological constant, for dark energy.

Stephen Hawking noted, 'The laws of science, as we know them
at present, contain many fundamental numbers, like the size of the
electric charge of the electron and the ratio of the masses of the proton
and the electron.... The remarkable fact is that the values of these
numbers seem to have been very finely adjusted to make possible
the development of life.'

'The more I examine the universe, and the details of its architecture,
the more evidence I find that the Universe in some sense must have
known we were coming.' — Freeman Dyson

Fred Hoyle also argued for a fine-tuned Universe in his 1984 book
Intelligent Universe. He compares 'the chance of obtaining even a single
functioning protein by chance combination of amino acids to a star system
full of blind men solving Rubik's Cube simultaneously'.

Martin Rees, British cosmologist and astrophysicist and President
of the Royal Society between 2005 and 2010, formulates the fine-tuning
of the Universe in terms of six dimensionless physical constants. Here
are two examples:

N, the ratio of the strength of electromagnetism to the strength of gravity
for a pair of protons, is approximately a trillion trillion. If it were
significantly smaller, only a small and short-lived universe could exist.

Q, the ratio of the gravitational energy required to pull a large galaxy
apart to the energy equivalent of its mass, is around 1/10,000. If it is
too small, no stars can form. If it is too large, no stars can survive
because the universe is too violent.

'If the rate of the universe's expansion one second after the Big Bang
had been smaller by even 1 part in a hundred thousand million million,
the universe would have re-collapsed before reaching its present size.'
- The Physics Book by Clifford A. Pickover.

I could give at least 25 other examples of fine-tuning. Atheist scientists
argue that we could live in an infinite multiverse where every universe
has the 26 numbers different than all the others. They say that we just
happen to live in the one where life is possible. This unproven conjecture
does not rule out the possibility that a God created the multiverse.
What is your opinion?

Topic(s) of this poem: god, philosophy, religion, science, universe

Form: Dramatic Monologue

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Comments about Fine Tuned Universe - Evidence For God? by Spock the Vegan

  • Spock The Vegan (2/5/2016 1:03:00 PM)

    The odds spoken of above for the universe to come about by chance compared to winning the lottery are astonomical (no pun intended) . They are billions of times smaller that a single monkey typing all of the books in the Library of Congress by chance with no errors. (Report) Reply

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  • Edward Kofi Louis (1/25/2016 10:17:00 AM)

    There is someone out there! The very One Who created us. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. (Report) Reply

  • Kelly Kurt (1/20/2016 11:52:00 AM)

    99.9% of the universe is totally hostile to life. Radiation, vacuum, cold, and of course, mostly space. All the numbers man can assign to physical properties, all the extraordinary uniqueness etc. is awe inspiring but not cause to leap to an unsubstantiated 'guess'. I am fine with admitting that I don't know. Postulating a physically unknowable entity that, by our own imagining, had no prior cause, is not evidence. (Report) Reply

  • Kim Barney (1/20/2016 8:12:00 AM)

    I know that God lives. I don't understand all the scientific stuff but I don't need to. My life has been spared on more than one occasion when it should have been lost.
    We are all children of that same God. His Son, Jesus Christ, atoned for our sins, if we will only repent. There will come a day that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of this world.
    So it is written. So shall it be.
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