Big Bang Creation Poem by Spock the Vegan

Big Bang Creation

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The universe was very small,
If it had any size at all.
Some say it was a singularity,
But it had infinite density!
A tremendous explosion then arose,
Said Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Became time's proclivity.

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

Inflation is the latest truth,
From Physics Professor Alan Guth.
The universe doubled a trillion-trillion X,
In less time that you can cast a hex.
In a trillion-trillionth of a second to be sure,
In time that was not there before!
For the Big Bang was the beginning of time,
And space too, it's called space-time.
Why did gravity not take hold?
It should have, I am told.

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

But with more reading I confess,
There are more laws that I could guess.
The universe has laws that always hold,
Unless it's super-hot or super-cold.
For super-hot has its own set,
And at super-cold they are all wet.
For each one in its sphere applies,
And I am not telling you lies.
Now the universe is dark and super-hot,
And the strong force is all we've got.
Now inflation has run its time,
And now it's a new paradigm!

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

After a billionth of a second more,
The weak force can be found for sure.
And the electro-magnetic,
Has come about, oh so quick.
Gravity's the force that cannot be
Unified with the other three.
But Einstein says it's not a force,
And so can't be unified, of course.
For when an object starts to fall,
There is no force there, none at all.
It simply follows a geodesic down,
Until it lands there on the ground.
And then there is a force so great,
A giant crater it does make!

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

Quarks and electrons have been made,
And gravity has been swayed.
Protons and neutrons do emerge,
When quarks are cooled enough to merge.
At one second from the bang,
We have neutrinos, I proclaim.
Also from the primordial soup,
Radiation did recoup.
Many scientists are now aching
For an explanation to symmetry breaking.
For without it there cannot be
A universe like the one we see.
For antimatter has lost out,
And normal matter is all about.
For if they were in the same amount,
A giant explosion would blast out!

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

After three minutes it has cooled down
To a billion degrees, but don't frown,
For molecules are coming together,
Hydrogen, helium, and lithium forever.
Electrons don't orbit, but don't fret,
The universe has to be cooler yet.
The universe is now opaque,
Three hundred thousand years it will take,
And then transparent it will be,
So light can shine for eternity!
When COBE satellite looks back,
It takes the data and keeps track.
The scientists then will shout,
'The Steady State Theory is ruled out! '
But other theories are out there,
And so they should all beware,
Lest another's math is found to rule,
And brings them all some ridicule!

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

Twelve billion years have passed away,
And brought us to the present day,
Where astronomers look at ancient light,
Peering through telescopes in the night.
Edwin Hubble was the first to say,
Most galaxies are moving away.
The conclusion was where he was standing
Was that the universe is expanding.
Two separate teams then made the test
To see when it would come to rest.
But when they had tried everything,
They found it was accelerating!
A dark force has the depravity
To overpower the gravity,
To make the galaxies move apart.
It must have happened near the start.
They say dark energy is positive,
And assign gravity to be negative.
The total that comes out below,
It is a big fat zero!

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

Some universe theories are very lame,
And some others are quite insane.
Vilenkin proposed and others insist,
It popped out of a vacuum that didn't exist!
Susskind thinks it's made of projections,
And thinks it has only two dimensions.
Hawking, with his wonderful brain,
Says we may live on a 3-brane.
Juan Maldacena did succeed,
To make Stephen Hawking concede.
String theories number about seven,
With dimensions up to eleven.
Eric Lerner wrote a book,
That made me take another look.
Rivers of electric current flow,
And cause planets' auroras to glow.
Alfven's theory may cause some to fall,
As evidenced by the 'Great Wall.'
Clusters of galaxies set the stage,
Older than the universe's entire age.
Feynman solved one of the mysteries:
The universe has multiple histories!

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

Inflation theories number about fifty,
And none of them is quite so nifty
To answer theories' greatest flaw:
What determined physical law?
Well it was right there in the seed,
Instructions where there was a need,
Programmed by the Master's hand,
In order to produce a land
Where man could grow and face the test.
Those who pass will get His rest.
When quantum theory came to town,
Albert Einstein, he did frown,
He said, 'God does not throw dice.'
Thinking objects can't be twice.
But he was wrong and now I know,
Our free will was the reason so.
Where came the force to make galaxies flee?
God borrowed it from the gravity!
Would a universe just come to be,
With the beauty of super-symmetry?
Physicists, they have their meetings,
With speeches and pleasant greetings.
Some with math and theories bring,
And don't see God's hand in anything.

I don't understand it,
No, I don't.

Big Bang Creation
Monday, November 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,creation,energy,freedom,god,master,math,quantum mechanics,science,time
Notice that each verse has 2 more lines than the previous to represent the expansion of the universe.

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Bri Edwards 21 December 2015

so THIS is what an 'epic' looks like? :) epic poem, that is. ======================================== “The conclusion was where he was standing” ……………..only line I had “trouble” with so far, grammatically-speaking. I did not try to understand all the scientific references. I guess I don’t care either. I’m a bread and butter man; I don’t ask where the bread and butter came from before it was in the store. being in the store is good enough for me! I’m not done reading; perhaps it has NO end? still haven’t noticed how this involves the much-talked-about-in-(some) other-poems “God”. I’m enjoying the flow and rhyming! ! ! this would certainly look good in ‘my’ Section D of December’s “a showcase for PH poets”, found in four sections in my list of poems. interested? “D” is for poems longer than 50 lines; it has few poems now. [I DID read the Poet’s Note; thanks. I did NOT notice the evenly expanding length of the stanzas.] now, to read more ………… “Clusters of galaxies set the stage, Older than the universe's entire age.” …………BUT, to me, these lines don’t agree with the illustration which seems to show that the Universe is 12-15 billion years old, and “First Galaxies” didn’t appear until the Universe was (about) one (1) billion years old. hmmm? [I’m not asking for a response; I’m just making an observation] OK, now I see mention of God. couldn’t She have made things so much simpler? ? and the part about ‘Man’s free will’ seems like a copout to me and is probably one reason I stopped believing in God many moons ago! this shall go into MyPoemList, IF it fits! thanks. bri :)

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Spock The Vegan 21 December 2015

The first line in your comment is only part of a sentence. I will add the word WAS to the next line. That should help it make sense. The clusters of galaxies older that the big bang universe was a contention of Eric Lerner in his book THE BIG BANG NEVER HAPPENED. The chart shown is a general consensus of the time-line of the universe from the BIg Bang from main stream scientists.

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Richard Antwi 10 July 2020

" I don't understand it...." Neither do I......a bit technical

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Nancy Chambers 25 January 2020

Love this poem as it credits God. Colossians 1: 16 and John 1: 3 You didn't mention and probably know it but just in case you may like the Mandelbrot equation

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Chinedu Dike 16 December 2019

An insightful work of art, deeply detailed and elegantly embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. A wonderful and poignant bit of verse. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

4 0 Reply
Spock The Vegan 21 December 2019

Thanks for your compliments. This one took a lot of research and thought. I hope you like my other ones.

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 05 November 2019

Spock, I truly loved this educational, wise and inspirational, beautiful creation, filled with meaning and truth!

3 0 Reply
Spock The Vegan 21 December 2019

Thanks so much Evelyn. Your words are very kind.

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Jane Campion 27 July 2019

A monumental write that is right on the ball.

2 0 Reply
Spock The Vegan 27 July 2019

Thanks, Jane. I appreciate your kind comments.

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