Fingerprints Poem by DICKSON MSETI


Rating: 4.8

I was a sleep at night,
nightmares got me tight,
whispering, shouting, and sweat,
woke up in the morning got caught,
homicide you committed last night,
you did it last night another city,
fifty miles from where you got caught,
this proves you are professionally smart,
but we are not the one to cheat,
we must take you in the court,
where you will answer the rest,
it was a wonderful test,
now we are taking you under arrest,
am in the cage facing my fingerprints.

joseph 25 March 2019

Its nice bro am reading it more to get the meaning of this poem

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Issam Hal 05 July 2010

really a very nice poem and very stylish and different. and i like this kind of writing coz it always makes u use ur brain to go deep in it. very nice.

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Hans Vr 04 July 2010

Dear Dickson, I like this kind of poems. They require the reader to think and have more than one potential interpretation. Here is what I managed to come up with. It could be just that you woke up for a while but with your sleepy eyes dozed off very soon and your nightmare continued in the wonderful twilight between wake and sleep. Alternatively you could write this from a perspective of a real criminal who fled from the scene, once at home, fell asleep, got a nightmare because of his heinous crime and got really caught in the morning. Perhaps something different still was in your mind when you wrote this poem, it makes it just more interesting. Nice work, Dickson.

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nice one but needs more brain to understand the meaning... really appreciatable

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