A Fool Of Love Poem by DICKSON MSETI

A Fool Of Love

Rating: 3.7

I have to say before I die,
I saw a dropp of water under my knee,
I looked at it and to the sky,
I thought it came from the sky,

I laughed when I found it from me,
Yes a little dropp of tears from my eye,
I stood on top of the tower to fly,
A crow saw me with a sad eye,
and sent a message from the sky,

You are a fool of love you may die,
It was my heavy mouth took me astray,
When she refused this morning today,
It was a wonderful and brighter day,
For a Lovely voice whispering O key,

Ooh! no; Refusing me today's a moral decay,
Especially today on my birthday,
A day I planned a night to party,
Come on I guys should real die,
My love will say yes after I die,
and follow my spirit to the sky,

A Crow said
'You'll be refusing your own wedding day if you die'

Hans Vr 21 August 2011

Good poem, good rhymes. Well written. A heart broken day. A dropp of water under the knee. Every problem, every obstacle, a lesson can be Emotions of love refused can be very strong A fool of love for a day, but don't let it last too long Every set back in our life perhaps can mean that God has for us a more glorious plan. Thought provoking poem. Keep writing poetry. you have real talent.

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Heather Wilkins 20 August 2013

my love will say yes after I die and follow my spirit to the sky enjoyed

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Samweli Butobi 01 January 2012

My love will say yes after I die, ..........a total punishment, as the crow says refusing your own wedding day, the best time to fell love is to love when its tough but remember the finishing line a beginning of another race, keep on telling us Dickson

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Elena Sandu 05 September 2011

Good write. Hmm.. birthdays.. The happy ones are only those I had as a child..sad poem, I like it much, also I love the crow, its fun to see a crow to outsmart the humans again.Thank you for share,10

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Allemagne Roßmann 21 August 2011

Well said here...fools do fall in love only.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 21 August 2011

Nice its Imagery and metaphor. At the same time profound pain misguiding the poetic nature perhaps. Death or the essence of dying so takes so high hand to subside the real problem beneath all such loud cry. Crow is very mysterious in character, a large number of people think on the surface that this bird has a prophetic view and know about the world beyond our death. Thank you the man of love. Regards, pranab

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