Fire And Ice Poem by George Hunter

Fire And Ice

Fire and ice, fire and ice,
Fire and ice, they will suffice.
With the huge flames glowing, glowing
And the glaciers overflowing.
First the heat and then the cold
The Bible told in days of old.
No more water just the curse
Of fire and ice which seems much worse.
Here I am on bended knees
Praying that I will not freeze.
I'm glad You promised no more flood
But did You have to boil my blood?
Did you have to freeze them off
That old brass monkey
And leave him braying like a donkey?
With this myth I now thee wed
And stumble toward my weary bed.
To sleep it off until the morn
And curse the day that I was born.
Fire and ice, fire and ice
Fire and ice they did suffice.

George F. Hunter 27 May 2013

No rhyme as off is in the middle of a split sentence.

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Just a question... where's the rhyme for 'off'? ? ?

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Words' Knight 26 September 2012

nice piece of writting and job and well expressed thought. thank you for sharing ywith us your poems.

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Eindaray Kyaw 16 September 2012

great an enchanting harmony adds to my delight and also the meaning....are really worthy.. Great job!

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