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You, a guy with the spirit of brave fire
Who I start to notice and admire
Though you may be a little star,
I bet your future is priceless pearl!

For the people around the sea
Storm tries to show a tearful plea
Cryptic genes of angry volcanoes
Awaken again with loud soprano!

I wake from sound-sleep
Nobody notices me, even a green leaf!
'Good Morning, the glorious sun
Bless my day with full of funs

'Baby, long time no see! '
Is this word worth to give you goosies?
In my own oasis, a wooden desk,
A wraith of drought'd been staying, So Bad!

Whenever I see cute birds in the sky
I wish, may I be able to skillfully fly
I think, I will be the happiest guy!

Be my friend, groaning ghost
I live near endless coast
No one plays around me
I found a way, gazing at sea!

I don't know where I am from
It may be by chance to which I belonged
Struggling enough in womb of my mom
Where my first breath found a friend

If you wanna visit Eldorado,
Don't buy tickets! Just rhythm demo!
You can feel alive with yours
Through bullet trains of metaphors


Not for money, but for country
A shoulder to cry on for poor, hungry
Appreciate her deepest sympathy!

Target(1) .....Anger!
By swallowing a cup of hyper-cool ocean
I shall flood the furious soldiers of my whim!

Each and every background of my songs
Never assault, but you may be absorbed
With a puzzle game you may blame
I came alone to your sweet home

A romantic story by our hearts
Dying coldly in the past
Countless dead leaves
Crying beside me like a beep

Where is the coast?
Just in the boat
With no one around
He sings even a song!

Don't love me anymore
No use of your bland console
Though I love you so much
All I got are so bad!

I imagine you as a heaven
But I can't coz you smile seldom
Though my words are honey
You ever think just blarney

A storm in a teacup
You said me, 'The die is cast! '

I hoped a chance to know earlier

What I tried to pick up
The oldie pass-ports to 'Success'
With a burning desire to recollect;

Oh! My dearest friends...
Why don't you try to apologize?
Let's see and think tonight

I try to imagine your shape
That bled my heart like a blade
Though we had much debate
You never taught me how to hate

Dare to believe
Your love's heart-beat
Get ready with pretty tune
Merry flowers soon will bloom!

The Best Poem Of Eindaray Kyaw

To My Dear Brother

You, a guy with the spirit of brave fire
Who I start to notice and admire
Though you may be a little star,
I bet your future is priceless pearl!

You, a guy of impressive confidence
Who I have to pay respects
Though I can't follow you,
May be as great winter's fellow dew!

You, a guy of excellent abilities
Who I can't stand without complimentary
Though I'm not pretty clever
You force me write poems forever!

You, a guy known as an extrovert
Who I also name Mr.Busy Bird
Though you are a little lazy(Just kidding! !)
You wrote a poem, 'Gift' for me
Really thanks for great present unique! !

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 16 September 2012

Well, you are such a wise and sweet poet with great ideas about everything. i s\really appreciate your works and your poetry. your works are like a great art. they are lightly and fragrant. this will be a great way for you, because you are talented and clever in the writing. keep up the great work. hope to see nice works from you in the future. Best regards.

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Aung Si 16 August 2012

Hi, my dearest, warmly welcome you.All of your poems are really breathtaking and reflect golden spirit.You are still young.One day in not far future, I believe that you will be greatest poet.I wish!

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