***flying Colours Poem by hari khabrani

***flying Colours

Rating: 2.8

Hari: Oh! My Barbie of child-hood
Ours childhood dreams
Below the twinkling stars,
sitted together with future plans,
Do you Remember?

Cathy: Recessional!
Marching songs!
Flaming hearts, burn
Sparked upon the dreams
Of Yester-years,
Hearts delighted!
Eyes glistened!
With a touch of dew
As flowers bloom….
Intellectually flourishes:

Hari: Yes Yes....the mind with wide Panorama,
Expansed infinite power,
Never got bound negative thoughts.

Cathy: Continuously earned
From the sweetest
Childhood dreams
Formed an inspiration
To chose a star
Symbolizes of
Who they wanted to be
All happy with great memories
To all the battles fought
Victories have won
In the days of burning lashes.

Hari: Our mind spinned & weaved enormous confidence,
Created incalculable loftiness as impenetrable depth,
And immensed magnitudes.

Cathy: No ordinary, all special
On the process of learning.

Hari: We met in College and recognized,
The very moment the Childhood friends turned young friends,
Brilliant, Intelligent and renowned amongst faculty,
Are hand in hand to be bestowed with a Degree.

Cathy: Yes Educated-
Through the teachings of the institution
Through the guidance of the parents
And help of the peers
Nurtured and formulated
To have a better beautiful future
The mind journeyed far
To end a step
And begin anew
To stride another milestone
To reach their goal-
To become successful
In their chosen endeavor

Cathy: The long awaited has come
In finding their fate in their own creation
Have received a leaf of pride
A degree….At last!

Hari: Success to both of us in this pace of life
And March of graduation.

Co-Written by Catrina.Heart &
Hari Khabrani

Catrina Heart 04 April 2009

Graduation is the most awaited part of all students and parents. It is a step to take another milestone for students to stride where their dreams will come true, as individuals. The toga virilis or toga praetextar and the cap during the degree ceremony symbolizes their victorious efforts in academic and non- academic excellence.............. To all the graduates: CONGRATULATIONS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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