Following Don Poem by Randy McClave

Following Don

As he has stated
He loves the poorly educated,
He loves those who never finished school
Because, he can use a fool.
A fool will follow a clown everywhere
For him they will say a prayer,
Even though the clown is using them
The poorly educated still sing a hymn.
They will donate their last pennies, nickels and dimes
No matter of the crimes,
Whatever he tells them to say or to do
They always believe his words as actual and true.
He likes those who are naive and dumb
Unto him they will all succumb,
Whatever he asks or sells they will do or buy
Him, they won't deny.
He loves those with little schooling
To follow and obey him they are drooling,
They see him as genius in their sight
For him, they will murder, destroy and fight.
They don't believe he's ever lied or cheated or did sin
They want him to win,
And they don't care that he mocked POW's as a traitor
They want him as a dictator.
Those without a decent education
They always find the wrong salvation,
They'll follow lies and sins and those who con
So, they'll happily always follow Don.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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