For Mal Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

For Mal

Rating: 3.9

My life has gone so quickly,
and suddenly, my God!
I woke up very sickly
it was my aging bod.

I've always been a dancer
I even learned the Twist
and now it is the cancer
that put me on his list.

He came up to my table
I didn't want to dance.
I said I wasn't able
but he had his demands.

He took me on the stage
taught me another dance
and then he turned the page
I didn't have a chance.

A knock on my oak portal
it was that skinny Reaper
he said 'You silly mortal
I will now be your keeper.'

He took me as a dancer
right to the Pearly Gate
I left behind my cancer
and made an early date.

There was an angel, pretty
she eyed me with a glance,
and I was feeling witty
and asked her for a dance.

So, greetings to all dancers
that stayed back on the ground
don't fear those nasty cancers
just dance another round.

And thanks for all the flowers
the funeral and all
I lasted many hours
before my final fall.

But friends were standing with me
that meant an awful lot
to those of you who miss me
forgotten you are not.

Ernestine Northover 27 September 2005

Oh Herbert, a bit gruesome, but a very clever poem indeed. Sincerely Ernestine Northover

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Herbert Nehrlich1 17 February 2005

Thanks Chris. I LOVE your work but haven't found the right handle to comment. They are perhaps a bit awesome. H

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Herbert Nehrlich1 17 February 2005

Thank you Sandra. Mal was a great guy. Always friends, yes. He would have liked that too. And do I wish you would look at some of my latest experiments (sonnet like) but if you have to mark any down don't do it in public, there are some gremlins at work, smelly ones who do a good job of that already. Tell me privately what you think if you don't mind (a private audience, I will BE there) H

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Sandra Osborne 17 February 2005

Great Herbert. Nice humor too. It helps to have it. Always Friends, Sandra

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