For Max And Sally Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

For Max And Sally

Rating: 1.4

The fly was in the belly yes,
and found therein a frightning mess
the fly was anxious to get out
so he flew wildly all about
the belly of the hungry frog
who sat, still, on that ancient log.
When, wise old owl came passing by
all dressed in suit and green bow tie.
She had the latest Sunday Times
and told the frog to read the rhymes
there, in the section 'Poetry'.
The frog first scratched his bright green knee
and then he told himself 'I need it',
and started chanting 'read it, read it'.
But chanting thus requires bellows
to blow and thus, imprisoned fellows
like flies or other little guys
if they're not dead yet, realise
this happy opportunity
to read the paper and be free.
So, out he went and landed on
the headline of the section Sun
the frog whose eyes at first detected
a movement, (of the just defected)
strained tired eyes and sniffed around
the fly was fearing to be found.
So, quickly he hid under 'S'
the big black letter, that the press
had printed with a lot of ink,
which also still, did have the stink
of chemicals so that the frog
who only lived there near his log
could neither smell nor see the fly
and he forgot, as time went by
all memories of flies for food
since poetry had changed his mood.
Thus you can see the usefulness
of lovely poetry, like this.

Max Reif 02 October 2005

At last! A use for poetry! Herbert, you should find an illustrator! (I don't mean to 'should' on you, what I mean is this is an extremely visual little ditty and it might make a charming illustrated booklet) . You got my frog & my newspaper together, wow! I wrote something about froggies under Sally's poem. Also I can add that to me, they look a lot like little green people with webbed feet! That's part of their charm/fascination. (a ps riddle: One children's book we read in school had 2 characters: 'Froggy' and 'Froggy's Mother'. But isn't Froggy's Mother ALSO a Froggy?)

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Ernestine Northover 02 October 2005

I did read Sally's poem about the frog, and this is so clever, it's pure genius on your part. It's amazing what an interest we have in frogs, in various forms and guises. Well I suppose I must 'hop' off. Speak to you soon Sincerely Ernestine.

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Mary Nagy 01 October 2005

Very interesting one. Sincerely, Mary

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 01 October 2005

Cute I enjoyed it....sounds like the frog had fun.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 01 October 2005

This was written as a comment/continuation of Sally's poem Gribbit. Aussie frogs tend to read more, thus 'read-it, read-it'. H

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