For No Reason Poem by Whispering Rose

For No Reason

Rating: 4.7

I loved you for no reason
Sometimes it had no meaning
I could see no one but you
And I knew my love was true
You were there but not for me
And I left them all to be with you
They said let go
But my heart couldn’t say so
I looked for you everywhere
But they said you were far away
With a broken heart I pray
To see you standing over there
Telling me that you love me as well

Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 06 February 2010

Not everything needs a's one such thing. If i love you then i should love you even if you don't love me the same. It would be a contract and not love, if i'll love you, only if you'll love me too. I surely liked this poem..and before you thank me again, let me tell you that it was all my PLEASURE! ! lol.. :)

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Emeka Chunye 22 April 2010

There is nothing broken that can be truly fixed, especially not a broken heart.

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 07 July 2010

This is simply beautiful, now it bless' my poem list

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Sufi Shah 23 August 2010

rose is ur heart't bleeding

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Saadat Tahir 30 April 2011

nice feely lines some of the rhymes are well cheers

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T H 24 October 2010

This poet gives me chills!

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majid Alsaady 15 October 2010

simple / frank / pure / these what makes ur love romantic and convincing. lovely / touchy / cosy / this what makes ur poem full of passion and consideration. thanks for the pleasure of reading ur write.

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Bert Bell 14 October 2010

This poem is very touching, Whispering Rose. It's very sad but it's very beautiful at the same time. I can certainly relate to it. You've expressed it well.

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Rana Zalloum 08 September 2010

simple... true...beautiful

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