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*algeria* My Home

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I live here where it happened
Revolution burst from these mountains
Rage took over the men
As the enemy took our land
The injustice of the world
Said all the unspoken words
They fought for over a century
So we can at last be free
They lost over a million soul
And could've lost a mollion more
If it means freedom
If it means honour
ALGERIA, my home, the land of men
Who have fought hand in hand
We shall rise once again

Hans Vr 10 November 2010

I wish a thousand peaceful years for you and your country. Let us all pray for world peace. Mahatma Gandhi has shown us the way.

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Saadat Tahir 14 May 2011

strong willed revolutionary and zealous lines written with vigor and vitality well done cheers sat

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Cruzero Pablo 19 May 2015

Once there was Algeria. now its called Nostalgia. we live here as strangers never feeling we are at home.

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Houssam Mokhtari 06 May 2015

It's all pride and glory. Thanks for sharing and keep the good work up! Peace from your homeland :)

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Guess Who 05 April 2012

Tahya aljazair hora wa mostakila Nice One Whispering Rose i liked it so much especially that it is totally true plus you are proud of your nationality but most of all i like it because it talks about OUR history the ALGERIAN HISTORY keep up your good work PS: I'm Algerian if interested

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Ency Bearis 10 November 2011

Strong patriotic poem, written with such impact, nice one.

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Unwritten Soul 18 October 2011

Algeria will rise as if all Algerian wake and rise for future...I know it nver step back, everyday it moves forward strong and full of strength...Keep move another one step front and another one to come..So you will proud how it will become, Wish you and Algerian also The Country build a new empire of glory, not just a dream but to be real..As for Md Asadullah (India) , Saadat (Pakistan) , Hans (Malaysia) and everyone will together help nations and countries be stronger than usual....Peace! ! ! all the best Algerian_Unwritten Soul

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