Forbidden Love Poem by Craig Mize

Forbidden Love

Rating: 5.0

As time passes by and my wisdom grows old
I can't help but to reminisce about our time together
Walking across the lake shore holding hands
As we stare into the depth of our souls; manifested by our eyes
Falling in love all over again as the moon start to rest its eyes
And the sun wakes up and shine it's beauty over the waterfront
Overwhelmed with the joy that we shared
Wishing that the revolution of the world would stop
Not wanting to lose this moment in time
Not wanting to lose the way that you feel as I hold you close
Not wanting to lose this love that we both shared
But the time has came for us to part ways
Our love was a love that could not truly be
You and I belong to anothers heart
The feelings that we felt was an unjust love
Taboo in the eyes of society, our families, and God
The look in your eyes now is of sorrow, pain, and heartache
The feeling of sorrow, pain, and heartache filled every article of my soul
Sadness builds up inside me as the tears unruly come out
My love has walked away to be my love no more
The love that we had, was not a love that could come true
This forbidden love shall vanquish in time, everywhere but in my heart

Craig Mize

Craig Mize

gainesville GA
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