Broken Hearted Poem by Craig Mize

Broken Hearted

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Dear Broken Hearted:

To sit and look at a person face to face their soul is what you seek but their eyes are closed. To believe in the unbelievable is to believe in the unreal. To buy friends when thier friendship is never bought. To find love when love is never sought. You see even a fool knows that love loves nobody, but in my heart you will find that I love you and I hope and pray that you love my too.

Sincerly yours:

A Broken Heart

P.S. Lets mend these two broken hearts and make them whole again.

Gita Ashok 18 June 2010

What an innovative way of presenting a poem! Great work!

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Chinedu Dike 10 January 2020

Well expressed thoughts and feelings. An insightful creation written with conviction. Thanks for sharing, Craig.

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Dr Antony Theodore 10 June 2017

To believe in the unbelievable is to believe in the unreal. great expectations to love and to be loved against all odds. thank you dear poet for sharing this great poem. tony

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Kasia Fedyk 01 June 2012

Wow Craig, this is truly so Divine, it is the soul, it is the heart, it is the love. Beautiful! And Thank you! Love and Light. I love you too. Kasia

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Ramesh Rai 24 February 2012

i love you too, a beautiful poem

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CRACK HEAD 21 June 2010

very beautiful. way 2 unveil a poem. i thnk its muy artistico

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Craig Mize

Craig Mize

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