Fighting The Fight Poem by Craig Mize

Fighting The Fight

I'm all alone searching for this little piece of happiness,
For this little bit of joy, for this little piece of freedom.
But I shall never find it; not here not now.
Why did I have to be hypnotized by this drug,
Why do I feel the urge to put this in my veins,
Why must I smoke it, and fill my nose up with it.
Can someone tell me why am I addicted to these things.
They keep calling me and no matter how hard I try to ignore them
I can't I just can't, It's like I'm under their spell.
My family has giving up on me, NA don't seem to be helping me so what's next.
God? Ha I laugh at the idea, he gave up on me a long time ago.
So now I'm here stuck in a moment of time that refuse to go forward.
Steady rewinding the good times dwelling in the past,
Replaying the bad times and wondering where it all went wrong.
Was it my childhood being molested by my father,
Was it being teased by my classmates about being gay,
Was it the fact that my mother never gave a damn about me?
Is it right to blame my downfalls and short comings on others.
I am weak, I am ashamed, I am an addict.
For 15 years drugs has gotten the best of me.
It was my love, my friend, my food, my shelter, and my God.
But not no more and never again.
I still remember my first high, that very first high.
My god it wasn't nothing like it and now for 15 years I've been trying to reach it again.
But not no more and never again.
Today I am changing my life,
Today I am starting over all over again,
Today I am no longer an addict, I am an addict in recovery.
Yesterday was the last day drugs overpowered me
Today I'm living life without drugs one day at a time

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse,addiction,drugs,strength
Craig Mize 17 November 2011

Thank you for the comment and the kind words. I wrote this poem for one of my friends who is dealing with this situation. It is a common problem that a lot of families and people are dealing with all around the world.

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Craig Mize 28 December 2011

Micheal I thank you for your comment and I appreciate what you said, but I do not think that you truly understand where I was coming from in this poem. I could have made this poem more graphic but that isn't what I wanted to do. I was talking about basic addiction and the fight to overcome addiction day by day. If you want more detail poetry please read almost any of my other other poems. But again thank you for your comment and I will use more imagery in my next poem. By the way I read some of your work you are very talented.

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Michael Pruchnicki 27 December 2011

This is nothing personal and derogatory, Craig, but Fighting the Fight is NOT good poetry. Pay no mind to comments like those from Darkangel Flyfree who took your poem real personal! Crimson Love says every line was thought out, well and good and all that, but it takes more than that to compose a decent poem that you can stand by and proclaim it as a poem. To put the matter honestly, you have to work on imagery and all the rest of the skills associated with writing of any kind, but especially verse.

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Craig Mize 23 November 2011

Thank you Darkangel and I'm sorry for your lost with your mother. There are a lot of people that is fighting this fight with drugs everyday. Some people win but many loses the fight. I have a few friends and family members fight it but it took the movie Things lost in a fire for me to write this.

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Darkangel Flyfree 18 November 2011

Great poem about someone fighting their addiction. I wish everybody could fight it and relise thats not what they need. There are better things out their. I had a mother who od.

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Crimson Love 17 November 2011

This poem is beautiful, every line was thought out carefully, I truly loved it. Very emotional and strong, simply brilliant!

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