For One More Day Poem by Craig Mize

For One More Day

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If I had just one more day, that smile would never go away,
And I'll make sure that this would be a better day.
Hold you tight and wipe away them tears of sorrow,
I know that it's raining today, but I'll promise a brighter tomorrow

If I had just one more day I'll show you that I loved you in every way
Prove to you that your beauty always brighten my days.
I would spoil you with all of the love in my heart,
And promise you that my love, this true love is here to stay

But the time has come for us to part different ways
You shall go on and live a grand live and in heaven I'll spend my days
Looking down on you from above, reminiscing about your lovely face
Just waiting patiently to hold you in my arms if only for one more day

Alicia Moore 17 July 2010

Aw sad at the end but happy at the same time: '] BEAUTIFUL! ! !

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Miss Rainbow 18 July 2010

thats really sad i think that in time people heal not completely but enough to stay alive

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 18 July 2010

Your heart speaks the dearing words of a lovely poem that showers with longing...and sadness...and content for life...yes, one more day could make a change and make things even better...

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Poetic Soul 18 July 2010

Well-penned....eloquently expressed.

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Gita Ashok 27 July 2010

A beautiful composition on the truest of emotions! Keep writing and sharing.

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Lalitha iyer 23 July 2010

If only I had one more day, no, one more hour nay, one more minute I would have told you that the lines are very touching..........

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Unwritten Soul 23 July 2010

ooo...what a wonderful pieces u gave to us! ...the end really stabbed my heart, sad but beautiful..if i have some magical wishes to make it true, i will wish u will have another day with her, save the love and make all your word above come true..thanks for sharing.. sweet lullaby

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Jamelia Lane 18 July 2010

aww this madde me cry becuase i feel the same way: '( i love it

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Felicia Garcia 18 July 2010

dang thats deep thats what you call a true couple that has true love keep writin your poems are very good: *)

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Craig Mize

Craig Mize

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