Craig Mize Poems

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Broken Dreams 'a Divorce Story'

So many dreams, so many goals, so much potential.
I was suppose to be great, I was suppose to be a success,
I was suppose to something. I was brought up to be a strong man.
These simple problems was not suppose to phase me.

For One More Day

If I had just one more day, that smile would never go away,
And I'll make sure that this would be a better day.
Hold you tight and wipe away them tears of sorrow,
I know that it's raining today, but I'll promise a brighter tomorrow

Chester Chester The Child Molester

He is lurking through our neighborhoods,
Slithering around like a snake in the grass.
He preys on our young and innocent.
He will smile in their unknowing faces,

Broken Hearted

Dear Broken Hearted:

To sit and look at a person face to face their soul is what you seek but their eyes are closed. To believe in the unbelievable is to believe in the unreal. To buy friends when thier friendship is never bought. To find love when love is never sought. You see even a fool knows that love loves nobody, but in my heart you will find that I love you and I hope and pray that you love my too.

Breaking Up

Getting love is hard to do

It will leave you sad, lonely, and blue

It's In A Book (Going To The Library)

The books are everywhere from wall to wall
My fingertips are filled with ecstasy
As my mind is lusting for knowledge
They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Heaven On Earth

As the wind blows the tree limbs wild and freely
And the leaves dance on the ground so beautifully,
My eyes wonder carelessly to the flower bed
A field covered in blues, violets, yellows, and reds

Lost 'A Broken Man's Story'

Last night I cried a thousand tears over you
My heart broke into a thousand pieces
I asked myself why a thousand times
And a thousand I never found an answer

Fighting The Fight

I'm all alone searching for this little piece of happiness,
For this little bit of joy, for this little piece of freedom.
But I shall never find it; not here not now.
Why did I have to be hypnotized by this drug,


I lay awake at night trying to avoid sleep,
Terrified of the nightmares that invade my dreams.
Horrible pictures is steady replaying in my thoughts,
Making me to afraid to even close my eyes.

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