Lost 'A Broken Man's Story' Poem by Craig Mize

Lost 'A Broken Man's Story'

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Last night I cried a thousand tears over you
My heart broke into a thousand pieces
I asked myself why a thousand times
And a thousand I never found an answer

I tried to give my all to you
But I guess that wasn't good enough
Got down on one knee & asked to marry you
But I guess in your eyes I wasn't man enough

All I did was try to be a lover, provider, & friend
In return I was lied to and cheated on again & again
But still I loved you vowed to give you my heart
In return you used me until my heart was ripped apart

Darkangel Flyfree 18 November 2011

That is good. I like it and she doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone who will love you the way you love them.

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Craig Mize 17 November 2011

Thanks bruh I write about everything and try to write poetry that everyone can relate to. I'm glad that this poem reached you and hopefully you can get through the situation that you are in. Once again thank you for the comment.

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Craig Margolius 17 November 2011

This is amazing dude :) I kinda feel the same thing right now I've been used n lied to nd all I did was give my undying love n be there for her always... Dude you're amazing well this poem is: D great job dude

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Craig Margolius 17 November 2011

Dude this is amazing :) sigh I feel that right now well I didn't ask her to marry but I know the feeling

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Craig Mize

Craig Mize

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