Free Will Poem by Raymond Farrell

Free Will

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In His wisdom
Has allowed man
To make
By giving him
Free will
So man
Has no one
To blame
For his actions
But himself
And on this
He will
Be held

Saturday, September 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: religious
Queeny Gona 08 September 2015

Very true, and this free will given by God warns us deep down the heart when our thought process or acts are wrong and as well stirs us to good. Our imperfection drags us to commit sin and the free will helps us to confess that we are sinners. Whoever accepts the sinful nature of them and seeks for forgiveness definitely be granted salvation by LORD God through JESUS CHRIST! Wonderful read sir!

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 06 September 2015

Truly, God has provided free will and wisdom for man to make his own choice

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Kelly Kurt 06 September 2015

Humans, having also been made Imperfect must be forgiven for their imperfect choices

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Raymond Farrell 07 September 2015

I can only speak for myself, and inspite of my innate impfection there are plenty of times I have knowingly failed to do what I knew I should have done and instead given a lame excuse to get out of doing it and it is with shame I admit to this being the case.

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David Wood 06 September 2015

a very accurate description of 'man'. I invite you to read my poem If... which is similar. Good ink.

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Rajnish Manga 06 September 2015

Wonderfully articulated thoughts. Man and only man is responsible for his wrongdoings. Thanks for sharing this tiny yet hugely meaningful poem.

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Raymond Farrell

Raymond Farrell

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