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If I have given a wish!
I would fly high in the sky.
Not just for the joy of flying,
Nor just to enjoy the beauty of nature;

On a fine morning, by the side of a shore:
You shine like a bright sun.
On a fine evening,
You bloom as a jasmine: spreading your lovely fragrance to all.

The so called Traders:
Ignited us with the fire of 'Divide and rule'
In those days...
Leaving the blood shed riots at the borders till date!

All these days i went around the world
Hoping to seek joy and peace.
Out of all my tender pursuit;
I found myself chained in desolate kingdom.

I used to fly all over the world
Chirping along with my flock
Flying round and round and round
But now I am all alone caged here

The friend I thought, most close to my heart
To my surprise she is far apart;
I am always in her heart,
Still she never knocked my door.

Pale-scale, almost lifeless
Resembling the ones
Placed on coffin
For bidding

We call ourselves; the 21st centurions,
Civilized and many more…
In reality, our thoughts
Still sticked to uncivilized era.

A garden locked up; blossoming vines
A spring enclosed, scarlet ribbon lips
A sealed fountain, twin fawns of a gazelle
Simply a beautiful rose; lined colorfully as butterfly.

May we fall in Love?
Once again with nature
To caress the beauty
Of silver lined planes

My heart is full of you
My sweet heart!
Not even a single valve
Is left empty;

Noticing something strange
Happening beneath my roof
Wakened from sleep
Yet couldn't fight the slumber,

Dearly Friend
Age old to my peer group
Is best of all!

Sweet are those days;
Playing with the peer,
Crying for broken toys,
Fighting for mom's lap.

A life anew
Is what
God pleases
With us now.

Suppressed feelings
Of love or anger
Inevitable to result in
A Disaster of

Corona: A deadly virus though,
Brought the Nation's together
To fight the stigma.

A friend in need is a friend indeed
So deep is SHE
Showering her grace
In offering a word & smile

Years passed on
Mostly in disguise
Very calm indeed.

Punches all over; with not even a second’s halt
Followed by deep-sharp stabs, by
The so called Beloved's
Provoked this little dormant volcano

The Best Poem Of Queeny Gona

My Wish To Fly

If I have given a wish!
I would fly high in the sky.
Not just for the joy of flying,
Nor just to enjoy the beauty of nature;
But: to trace the hypocrites in the society
And remove the sheep cloth out of leopards,
Drag their masks out of their faces.
Thus bringing to light all the loopholes of the society,
To build a cheaters free society.

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Rajnish Manga 17 July 2019

Queeny Gona is a remarkable poet with a keen observation and a unique style of writing. I have read a couple of her poems and was highly impressed. Wishing her all the very best.

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Louis Rams 27 September 2012

an inspiration to all who read her works

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Louis Rams 27 September 2012

an inspirational poet to all who read her works

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Queeny Gona Popularity

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