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My Wish To Fly

If I have given a wish!
I would fly high in the sky.
Not just for the joy of flying,
Nor just to enjoy the beauty of nature;

***birthday Wish***

On a fine morning, by the side of a shore:
You shine like a bright sun.
On a fine evening,
You bloom as a jasmine: spreading your lovely fragrance to all.


The so called Traders:
Ignited us with the fire of 'Divide and rule'
In those days...
Leaving the blood shed riots at the borders till date!

My Destiny

All these days i went around the world
Hoping to seek joy and peace.
Out of all my tender pursuit;
I found myself chained in desolate kingdom.

Moaning Bird

I used to fly all over the world
Chirping along with my flock
Flying round and round and round
But now I am all alone caged here

Queeny Gona Quotes

24 November 2014

Money and many go with time but what you are within lives with you forever!

06 February 2017

Clarity in thought & quality in Act are essential for success.

16 February 2017

Quality is not a time bound act yet it be your trait for self improvement!

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Rajnish Manga 17 July 2019

Queeny Gona is a remarkable poet with a keen observation and a unique style of writing. I have read a couple of her poems and was highly impressed. Wishing her all the very best.

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Louis Rams 27 September 2012

an inspiration to all who read her works

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Louis Rams 27 September 2012

an inspirational poet to all who read her works

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