Civilization Poem by Raymond Farrell


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Civilization is a word
That is so often heard
In contexts
Both evil and great
It like freedom
Has been abused and distorted
In its ideal sense
Civilization is a way of living
An attitude that affords
Equal respect to all
It is the golden rule
Put into practice
Where every person
Gives to others
Every right he claims
To be his own
But sadly too often
It has been given
As the reason
To invade and subdue
Technologically inferior
And vulnerable races
Claiming to bring them
Something they need
While stealing and exploiting
What they have
And even in the so-called West
That prides itself as being
The cradle of modern civilization
Whose underlying paradigm
Rests on the confidence men
Have in each other
Their integrity and honesty
And even their future goals
All is in disarray
As there is no agreement
On values or the path
To be forged for the future
And the word
Has become
A hollow metaphor
While the sad reality sees
A few exalting themselves
By degrading the many.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: commentary

Spot-On, Raymond...Take the 'Z' in civilization & turn it on its side...Then, take the dot off the'i'....Now, read the word... Civil 1 Nation....Perhaps that was the original cryptic concept in the origin of that word...Sure didn't end up that way, tho' did it? ...So, now you can put those 2 letters back where they were...Oh yeah...And the 'Z' now stands for ZOO! LoL! (Really isn't runnh tho') Enjoyed this, Raymond...As always...Solid Quilling ~! FjR~

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Raymond Farrell 08 July 2015

Like your comment Frank, it is well thought through and makes a good point. Thanks for reading.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 July 2021

A brilliant write entitled, ' civilization' Liked it

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Tanishka Dharmesh Bhatia 09 October 2020

Wow! ! ! ! What an amazing poem, it is very beautiful.

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Howard Savage 19 January 2016

Civilization is just what you can make of it. Being civilized means to me treating individuals as you would like to be treated.

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Raymond Farrell 19 January 2016

If everyone behaved that way it would make things better.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 July 2015

Very nicely depicted and aptly presented. Excellent phraseology. The lines I like most are......Civilization is a way of living An attitude that affords Equal respect to all ]]]]]]]]As there is no agreement On values or the path To be forged for the future. Mnay thanks for posting such valuable poem.......10

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Raymond Farrell 19 July 2015

Thank you for reading and for your well thought out comment.

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Kinyua Karanja 08 July 2015

We have to respect every society and their way of life without point fingers on their face. Respect they beliefs without imposing our views on them. This I'm on behalf of our African kin. Great to say this.

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Raymond Farrell 08 July 2015

Appreciate you taking time to read the poem and comment.

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