Margaret Alice Second

Gold Star - 16,155 Points (24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Freedom For Everyone [revised] - Poem by Margaret Alice Second

There’ll never be a time when war ceases my guru
claims; if we desire acceptance of the 25% of the
world we like, we have to respect the other 75% we
we don’t including those enjoying warfare amongst
themselves - without forcing our ideas of peace on
them, this makes sense to me

Another guru claims we are ready for unconditional
love, people will be at peace & warfare will cease; it
doesn’t make sense - it means one group will force
their ideals on others, the love-and-peace group shall
violate the freedom of those not ready for this world
of saccharine-sweet love

When one group forces others to sing the same tune,
this coercion destroys their freedom; Western ideals
cannot be forced on those who believe human rights
and material wealth cause spiritual malfunction and
loss of insight - which thus destroys their cherished
religion and culture

If WE respect human rights we must honour the right
of others to reject our principles; the Golden Rule is,
do unto others as you’d be done by, it allows them the
same freedom we assume to believe in our own creed,
only when all parties can negotiate with respect for
each other’s freedom can there be

Freedom for everyone…

17 September 2013


My guru claims there would never be a time when all war
and strife would cease as we all want different things, if we
want the 25% of things we like to be respected, we must
respect the 75% of things we do not like; we have to leave
people who need the excitement and challenge of warfare
amongst themselves to their own devices without forcing
our own ideas on them – this makes sense to me -

Another channeller claims the world is suddenly ready to
make unconditional love for everyone a priority, eventually
all people will be at peace, all warfare will cease – this does
not make sense to me - if everybody conforms to one set of
ideas, it means one group will have to force others who want
other things, to accept their idea of freedom – violating the
freedom of people to think anything they want

Even the way we love varies from person to person; if one
group forces all others to sing the same tune, coercion will
mean the ideal of freedom is dead, life will become boring
lacking creativity; human rights activists may not force their
ideas on those who think Western materialism is the cause
of spiritual malfunction and loss of third-eye insight while
destroying cherished religion and cultural heritage

When forcing adherence to human rights creeds on Muslim
fundamentalists or Syrians, the activists violate their own
principle of freedom; human rights mean respect for the right
to reject the code; the Golden Rule – do unto others as you
want them to do unto you - means they have to be allowed
so that we can enjoy the freedom we assume for ourselves
to believe as we do, only then can all parties negotiate to

Live in mutual respect for each other’s freedom to follow their
own star - only when Western countries honour the freedom
of others to believe and live differently – only then there will
be more freedom for everyone…

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13 September 2013

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