From Answer To Clue Poem by Feipeng Shang

From Answer To Clue

Rating: 5.0

Translated by Yiyan HAN(c)
2008-01-26 (last modified 2017-11-25)

Who can stop us hugging
Who can make the Sun don't rise nor shine
Who can make our thinking end and longing freeze
Longing is the life's continuation

Who can refuse spring
And stop its wind blow
Who can make the impulse deep in the heart
Disappear from the darkness of earth
Who can place the lively desire
On the frozen Everest, and never take it back

Who can ever lock the moonlight
Of nightly singing out of the music house
Who can bar our willingly belly laughs
Who can prevent our flying voices mingling in the sky
Who can cut off our look of mutual desires

Who can separate river from its bed
Who can stop downpour and mountain torrent
Who can reject lightning and thunder
Who can get rid of this idiom, love at first sight
And replace it with a new one

Who can snatch loneliness and fear from our hands
Who can let suffering sublime joy and happiness
Who can adhere to poverty, and, on its base
Build a bridge to a heavenly place

Who can change the habit of staying in silence
And swallowing what to be said by us
Who can let our fallen tears return to eyes
Yet there's a secret that nourishes us
And put smile on our face
Who can force us to tell the kept secrets

Warm body wards off cold snaps
The ocean of emotions pushes and pulls
And its tidal waves surge through every city
From spring to winter, and arrive at the world centre
We settle down on the belly of time
Facing God, we cry and scream

We're reasonable and understanding
In the deep river of love, communicating
And emptying all the precious nights
We find the mystery of love by loving
To unfasten ropes that tie us up
In darkness, love is walking
From answer to clue

From Answer To Clue
Saturday, November 25, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life,mystery,philosophical
Translation of a poem written in Chinese, as shown in the image
Dr Dillip K Swain 03 December 2017

A fascinating poem! Each line gives a reader to ponder a bit and accept the truth. From top to bottom, I find each line is insightful, wisely expressed! So brilliant translation! ...10

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Feipeng Shang 03 December 2017

Thank you very much Dr. I'll do my best to convey poet Fenipeng's thoughts.

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Susan Williams 27 November 2017

I really really like what you've done here- -there is so much visual beauty embedded in the yearning pattern of questions. Excellent piece. 10

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Feipeng Shang 28 November 2017

Many thanks, Susan, for your kind words. To raise questions is one of poet's duties, I think ;)

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