From Grace To Grace Poem by Gary James Smith

From Grace To Grace

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From Grace To Grace

From grace to grace
There's nothing like it
a relationship with God
Whose name alone is Wonderful
The written and living Word
Who gives His Spirit to indwell
The heart's of repentant one's
Who cleansed now by His precious blood
Love to magnify the Son...

The glorification of that name
Upon its rich discovering
Who gives forgiveness by His grace
When He exposes sins uncoverings
And all of the darkness by which we were clothed
It had to flee away
When it was exposed to God's righteousness
When we saw the light of day

Praise God from grace to grace
My Redeemer leadeth me
And holds me by His mighty power
Praise God for Calvary
To bad the world can't see inside
With an x-ray of my heart
And see the design of a forgiven soul
How God has done His part

We stand upon a solid Rock
Praise God for faith's Foundation
The Author and both Finisher of such
And the God of all Creation
Who when He speaks the earth shall tremble
Which He created by His Word
And by the same He holds it fast
Praise God of this I'm assured!

A blessed hope that shall never diminish
For it fadeth not away
For the Holy Spirit that dwells within
Has sealed it for always
Mine to know...yours to discover
May my life be used to embrace
The blessed knowledge of the love of God
Who leads me from grace to grace!

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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Gary James Smith

Richard Wlodarski 28 June 2022

A truly inspiring tribute to God! Thank you, Gary for sharing such love and loyalty.

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Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

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