It Was Me And Her, And Her And I. Poem by Haven Leonel

It Was Me And Her, And Her And I.

I Had this friend when i was ten,
she was a sweetheart way back then.
We'd laugh and play, we'd talk all day,
and say the things we'd want to say.

Yet things grew different as time went by,
she was growing up and so was I.
But this was good, we were so close,
she became the girl i loved the most.

It was me and her, and her and I,
by now we were thirteen,
Yet I knew for a fact, for her I'd die,
and for me she'd do anything.

Yes, we were young, but in love were we,
and Nothing could go wrong,
for I loved her, and she loved me,
it was just the two of us everyday, all day long.

I remember saving all I earned,
then buying her a diamond ring.
I had yet to give that ring to her,
first I had to ask her something.

But that day I went home and heard the news,
which striked my body full of fear,
I feared this love of mine I'd lose,
as my dad said 'Son we're moving far from here.'

I yelled and begged with all my might,
but my dad said 'son Ive made up my mind,
more here has gone wrong then right,
we're moving and I mean it this time'

Then he said 'This choice gives me the chills,
but know this must be done.
I lost my job and we have lots of bills,
one day you'll understand me son'

He had found a job so far away,
out of the city and into the country.
My heart had been filled with tears and anger,
and I cried as I called my love to tell her.

Then she said 'Evan you know I love you,
we can make it through this I know its true.
Just trust in God and wait and see,
for it will always be, me and you and you and me.'

So off I went, and we always talked to each other,
whether online, on the phone or written letters to one another.
Even after a year of being gone, and not having her to see,
she was right, it was still me and her, and her and me.

Years had now passed me by.
Yet the two of us were closer than ever,
I even had a plan I'd try,
to fly over and come to see her.

I still had that ring of mine,
and that question I needed to ask her
I was going to give her that ring when it was time
then ask her my question to know for sure.

I called her up to tell her my plan,
then she said 'my phones going dead, I'll call back when I can.
just give me a minute I'm out in the car
I'm on my way home and I'm not all that far

I'm just giving a ride to a few of my friends'
I said 'okay' then smiled when she said,
I'll hurry up, and you know I love you Evan'

Then just before her phone went dead I said 'I love you ash'
and there she was with all her friends,
talking, laughing, screaming, CRASH!

My cell phone rings,
and its her dad,
said 'she's fighting for her life,
and it looks pretty bad.'

I dropped my phone,
fell to the ground,
prayed to god,
said 'NO GOD NO NOT NOW! '

I sold all that I had and took a plane to get me there
I saw her in her hospital bed,
then promised myself 'never again will I leave from here'
I gave her a kiss, and that's when she said,

'Its still you and me, and me and you Evan'

and with that, she left me there
for she had taken her last breath
I yelled to God 'no its not fair,
bring her back and accept my own death!

This girl was my life God how can this be!
Please bring her back and instead just take me!
I love her to much God why cant you see
I need her in my life! PLEASE COME BACK ASHLEY! ! ! '

The tears flowed down my face,
my heart began to race.
I said to my self 'now ill never know for sure,
but I know deep down inside I still need to ask her! '

Then every nurse and doctor were paying attention,
as I held her hand to ask her my question.
I reached in my pocket and took out that ring,
got down on one knee and whispered 'Ashley will you marry me? '


got down on one knee and whispered 'Ashley will you marry me? ' deep love and affection. very best way of presenting views. i like it with all the attention to write up...10 read mine mary to marry and how are you? comment too

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Emancipation Planz 28 June 2009

Havel... well that was certainly one to ring the tears out... has more than the heart of poetry this one, ...

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