Deception Poem by Haven Leonel


Once upon a time, not long ago
Where a witch loved life and lived life slow
Slept a princess who could only wake up with a kiss
It’s a fairy tale and it goes something like this

There was Gilbert, Stuart, and Tampa Bay too
Just a group of small boys with nothing else to do,
They weren’t a Prince; in fact they didn’t have a dollar
Yet were summoned by the king to go outside to save his daughter.

She was cast upon a spell and slept inside the highest tower,
By a witch who came from hell with some extraordinary power.
Guarded by a dragon who contained the breath of fire
To the strongest he was higher, killing men was his desire.

So the chances of survival were expected slim to zero
It was hard to tell which child would come out to be the hero.
Now the king had told them he would pay in silver and gold
And to whosoever saved the princess, her heart he would hold.

The boys accepted his request and set off into the open land,
Each grasping onto a sword and shield in each hand.
They traveled over mountains, oceans and desert sand.
To soon later realize the quest alone was hard to withstand.

Never stopping to rest they maintained their persistence
Until after 2 harsh months saw the tower in the distance
They shouted and they cheered in the belief that they were here,
Little did they know the obvious was not so clear.

They ran as fast as they could then stumbled to a stop
To see they stood on the edge of a thousand foot drop
All three boys were tired and had neither food or sleep
Though the only way across was to gain energy and leap.

The first boy, Gilbert stepped back and took a breath
Hoping to jump far enough to avoid a sudden death
Holding his sword, shield and the rest of his stuff
He jumped with all he had but all he had was not enough

In this current condition he was not in the position
To show off and jeopardize the entire expedition
He had lost the competition and could not complete his mission
He dropped straight to the ground and left the boys a lost addition.

The game was not yet over for the other boys survived
They put there minds together and put their differences aside.
They kept only what they needed losing just enough weight
That when they jumped they made it and avoided Gilberts fate.

They made it to the tower yet disturbed the dragons slumber
This dragon destroyed armies no matter how great their number,
The boys had left their weapons standing helpless without armor
Luckily for the princess, Stuart was quite the charmer

The dragon had appeared standing there in all his glory
Which brings us to the turning point of this story,
Stuart begged for his forgiveness saying Tampa was to blame
Yet annoyed with Stuart the dragon engulfed him in flames

Tampa Bay was by himself standing there all on his own
Speaking gently to the dragon asking to be left alone
The dragon granted his request for some reason still unknown
Until Tampa met the witch and said “hi mother, I’m home”

The witch gave him a hug and told him well done
With his incredible acting Tampa had fooled everyone
He saved the princess and retrieved the kings reward
He now had riches and a princess without the use of a sword.

They lived happily ever after, princess and Tampa Bay
No one ever figured out his secret even to this day……well…except all of you

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