Ellen Ni Bheachain

Rookie - 217 Points (October 2nd 1962 / Dublin Ireland)

Gate Keepers Sins - Poem by Ellen Ni Bheachain

Gate Keepers sent to befriend those,
Using their charm to get them in,
Not giving them their messages,
Left by others at the door,
And making it look like no ones cares,
For those they want to use and abuse,
For the right price,
The Gate Keepers will let them in,
For these are the ways of the Gate Keepers sent,

Gate keepers are those that come in and out of the door,
Not letting some in,
Yet then letting in others that hurt,
Relaying noting when others inquire,
Leaving the captive more captived,
When the Gate Keepers lies,

For the coin is placed in the Gate keepers ways,
To coin a phrase again,
There is a price for all,
No matter what the game,
This the Gate Keepers knows,
And it becomes part of their sins,
For it is always,
A one sided coin with gain,
When the Gate Keeper names its price,

Heads up for The Gate Keeper,
And heads down or keep low,
For what the Gate Keeper is told,
To keep in or keep down,
For what the Gate Keeper set sights on,
Is always something for the gains of the Gate Keeper,
That is worth something in credits points,
That will pay for the Gate Keeper Sins,
When the collection agency of protection,
Comes in for its fees,

The Gate Keepers sources,
Hacking into the phones,
Answering it in response like they know me or you own,
Where letters are written and sent,
The replys are taking giving onto another,
Where then the senders are victimed,
By the Gate Keepers stealth and stealing,

What the Gate Keepers keeps and then gives,
To the others of same sorts,
And within the agency of protection,
That too pays its fees,
When the orgainised agency of protection stops by,
Is also a come back in payment,
To keep the Gate Keepers Sins collectors,
From coming by to seek sin payments,

Yet, the Gate Keepers Sins amount,
As the Gate Keeper gets known,
Gate Keepers are found in all kind of places,
That, they keep watch on peoples places,
And guard at doors of all kinds of peoples,
The Gate Keepers of wrong doings,
Are Associates to The 'Devil Advocates',
Beware of the kinds of Gate Keepers there be,
That act as the good ones for your safety,

You see,
Gate Keepers get paid in one way or another,
For those that they let in,
Whether its you that they want,
Or you they can get to,
To get to another,
You will be the last to know,
First to get it,

The Gate Keeper opens,
The door for some felon,
Fiend or Stalker,
That wants in to get you,
Or some that will hold you,
Up to blackmail with,
Or hold you up to ransom,

For there is always somthing in it,
The Gate Keeper fill,
Of wants and needs,
That piles up to a lot,
His or her sins,

The Gate Keepers Sins usally remain untold,
When others unaware wake up to their ways,
Of the lies and deceits of the Gate Keepers ways,
It is then that the lock,
Inside one self opens and sets free,
For when,
The Gate Keepers Sins are told,
To all that care and understand these things,

It is then that the Gate Keepers knows,
He / She is Caught in the Act,
Of keeping them in,
Where an invisable prison lies within,
Where the Gate Keepers keep in at their door,
Is the prison the Gate Keepers make,
From preventing any getting to know you,
And sending stalkers to stalk you,
When you go out and about,

You get to see the ways,
And how they start to keep play,
Is then where you get to know,
Who is who and known to them,
The Gate Keeper of peoples,
Get seen,
And then to be known to others that care,

They will then,
Start getting known to others,
That will,
The Gate Keeper begining,
To feel close in and isolated,
Just like his / her prisioners.

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