Get Out Of My Life! It's Not Where You Belong! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Get Out Of My Life! It's Not Where You Belong!

By Stanley Collymore

It's my life and I'll damned well
do with it what I like and that
quite naturally, pleases me;
and as long as I'm happy, not actually
personally or emotionally, effectively
inconveniencing anyone specifically
whether they're known to me or not
or, worst still, evidently emotionally
or essentially financially exploiting
them, I basically don't actually see
what my own personal life and, as
well, logically my individual habits
that are exclusively quite singular
to me have anything whatever to
do with you! Moreover, I do think
quite carefully, about my actions
and always do before I basically
ever embark on them; and if the
conclusions that I subsequently
sensibly arrive at and that quite
undoubtedly in my mind clearly
unmistakably and naturally too
in very distinct relation to all of
them literally most intelligently
and also logically, don't cause
me any noticeable anguish or
perplexing consternation why
precisely then are you, or any
one else, so totally obsessed
with what I'm morally, doing?

All the more so, when I fittingly
and rather sensibly consider
that those who I essentially
don't know, and are surely therefore
effectively and literally strangers to
me attendant with those whom I'm
casually aware of but iquite frankly
are undoubtedly also substantially
inconsequential to me, collectively
and similarly subjectively; not only
think but similarly are of the belief
that between the actual coterie of
them they simply not only can but
similarly have that exclusive right,
they think, to quite essentially tell
me, not only what expressly I can
or mustn't do, in my very own life.

And when I dismiss these
perverse intrusions into
my disernibly private
life with the natural contempt which
they evidently, distinctively deserve,
several amongst you still and most
specifically as well, the entire lot of
them most unsurprisingly have the
bloody nerve to rather openly label
and likewise, literally condemn me
quite appallingly so, in your clearly
sick minds as a rather egregiously
narcissistic, and also a thoroughly
demented and unpleasant person.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
3 April 2023.

Author's Remarks:
This poem is a philosophical look at the difference in attitude of someone with a thoroughly ingrained moral compass and the fundamental knowledge too of what's commendably right contrasted evidently with what is discernibly and calamitously wrong. And moreover how dim witted and likemindedly intellectually challenged mob hatred of all kinds, can cynically and quite financially as well, be rather self-servingly and most exploitatively utilized, while the gullible dupes involved basically ignorantly but happily none the less to effectively do what they're commanded to, continue to be quite distinctively and unscrupulously used by media hacks distinctly on the behalf of their right wing media organisations. A state of affairs that's unquestionably the case in classism entrenched and similarly as well clearly endemically sycophantic to their perceived societal betters, Britain!

Message from a reader: "Get out of my life! It's not where you belong! ' by Stanley Collymore is a poem with a strong message of individualism and the right to live one's life as they choose. The speaker defiantly declares their personal sovereignty and the freedom to engage in activities that bring them happiness, without infringing on the rights or interests of others. The poem also critiques the societal tendency towards conformity, and the pressure that is often placed on individuals to conform to external expectations. The use of varied punctuation and line breaks adds to the poem's conversational tone and creates a sense of urgency, reflecting the speaker's impassioned stance. Overall, the poem raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of personal liberty and the extent to which society should regulate or leave individuals to their own devices".

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