Get Over Yourself Piers Morgan - You Misogynistic, Stalking, Psychopathic Wanker! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Get Over Yourself Piers Morgan - You Misogynistic, Stalking, Psychopathic Wanker!

By Stanley Collymore

Piers Morgan truly is a pathetic excuse of a man -
a cankerous sore on the face of bona fide
journalism. For even if Harry and
Meghan wanted to return
to Britain and the royal family and the UK
government pulled out every stop to
encourage them to do so and
also protect them in the wake of
such an unlikely decision,
Piers Morgan is the
one person who
would lay that
dream to
rest for

As any two, and categorically in love with each other,
intelligent persons like Meghan Markle and Harry
Windsor self-evidently are, would definitely
not cooperatively allow themselves to be hostages
nor permit themselves either to be further and scurrilously
compromised by a cretinously ingrained Piers Morgan.
For this paranoid schizophrenic whose entrenched
hallucinations and unrestrained delusions of
grandeur systemically and adversely create
debilitating symptoms of insanity that
strikingly blur the line between
what is real and what isn't
collectively embody
everything that you
need to know
about Piers

Making it quite impossible for him to
lead a typically normal life that is
instinctively the dream of all
rational persons: Prince
Harry and Meghan
Markle being

While in marked contrast one can't possibly
imagine a more crass and noxious moron
than Piers Morgan! More poisonous
than the lethal Coronavirus but of which Piers
Morgan himself is doubtlessly intensely
jealous all the same, because it's
generating more headlines than him: a
nauseatingly narcissistic motor
mouth and a perniciously
odious misogynistic
stalker is ever
capable of

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 February 2020.

Author's Remarks:
It's quite obvious to anyone with a functioning brain and who knows how to use it that Piers Morgan is using Meghan Markle as his cash cow and spurious claim to fame, much like what her father Thomas Markle is doing; making them both absolutely disgusting men.

Moreover, who sensibly gives a toss what Piers Morgan thinks, as he's unimpededly allowed to by the so-called and unfit for purpose UK media regulators to hypocritically persist as others are also doing with their relentless bullying of Meghan Markle, itself deeply etched in the stereotypical and institutionalized white racism towards people of colour and most especially so Black Britons!

Additionally, don't conveniently forget that it was Piers Morgan who ran the British Daily Mirror rag when scores of people were illegally getting their phones hacked with the explicit permission and encouragement of Piers Morgan. So please, crawl back under your stone Piers Morgan and stop asininely lecturing others on your rather skewed version of morality, other ethical virtues like honesty and standards of behaviour that you know absolutely nothing about and frankly wouldn't know where to begin, as these are all so foreign to you and have been throughout your nauseating upbringing! And which additionally makes your personal stance and publicly proselytized, self-righteous behaviour synonymous with rank hypocrisy.

Your opinions Piers Morgan are therefore nothing but poisonous diatribes and eventually you'll die from the latter if you don't, assuming that you're capable of doing so, change your obnoxious behaviour. Equally, your obsession with Meghan Markle is quite obvious and has all the hallmarks of a man spurned. She didn't want you in her life, not even as a friend, but your endemic narcissism couldn't and still can't stomach that rejection of you by Meghan, hence your obsessive stalking of her.

You're supposedly a married man with a family of your own Piers Morgan; and if you don't have any personal shame for yourself, then just stop for once and consider how intelligent and rational folk across Britain, of whom there are still some although fundamentally very much in the minority, if the Daily Mail's readers' ludicrous and decidedly pathetic comments are any indicators of the truly abysmal level of stupidity across the United Kingdom, must be pitying your wife only in name, presumably it would seem. Or doesn't she likewise have no self-respect in relation to herself, as any creditable wife certainly would, and consequently in such insufferable circumstances would have long given you the ultimatum to either shut up or else she would categorically piss off and leave you to it!

Maybe she hasn't got it in her and that's why you married her! For you are clearly a very sick man Piers Morgan; utterly twisted; and a bullying stalker! And the latter is definitely against the law! So why then aren't you in jail? Ask a daft question, eh? White privileged dumbo!

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