Get Up Off Your Butt Poem by Henry Brown

Get Up Off Your Butt

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What's the use in living
If you're always taking and never giving

There's such a need out there
But where are the people who really care?
YEA where are the people that care?

It might seem funny
But they're out there chasing money.

Never satisfied with what they got
Ever chasing a system that's got rot.

Driving the flashy cars-
Not bothered that some kids have no Pa's.

Doing a deal for another buck,
At the cost of another- tough luck!

Come on y'all
When you going to heed the call?

Get up of your butt
Don't get stuck in the rut.

Always cheating, crooking, lying,
While there's precious people dying.

When there's so much you can do-
Get up -it's up to YOU!

Get up, make a start-
Pray for a tender heart.

We can all play our part,
Just get out of the cart.

Let you life count,
Let your heart pound.

Get a feel for the lost-
Sure it's going to cost.

But life ain't worth living
If you are always taking, never giving.


Come on now it's time to count-
Are you in or are you out?

The time has come to make a stand
'cause things are really out of hand.

Oh God hear us from on high
Before more innocent people die.

It is not an issue of black or white,
but rather doing what is right.

So come ya'all don't just sit there-
Lets all do something to show we really care.


Copyright 4th November 2003 Henry N Brown

C C 31 October 2009

This is really great! Please do put it on youtube and put a message on here saying you have so that we can listen to it.

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Alf Hutchison 27 October 2009

Henry I am with Tia all the way on this one... you are missing your vocation... dare you to put it to music and put it on U Tube...Great stuff this Henry I find myself singing it now... Cheers Bud Alf

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Tia Maria 26 October 2009

Brilliant Lyrics - where can we listen to a recording? ? ? A new anthem ay Henry - we should sing it at all the stadium matches

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wael karameh 19 October 2009

wonderful and deep topic, the flow is very nice... i like to hear it with music as a song... wael karameh karameh.

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