Ghosts Around Me Poem by Sumit Ganguly

Ghosts Around Me

There are two ghosts around me
one is my shadow, the other dazzles my eyes.
They appear in lonely hours
and one never meets the other.

.A boyhood friend was pushed to a well
rest of us ran home in fear,
next day we attended the funeral.
Ghost, the grief, comes in lonely hours.

The ghost changes cloak,
in dream I run from police, society,
I gasp and grow,
the ghost becomes my chasing shadow.

Another ghost is my unsecured job
With burden of family and living standard
it gets flattened up,
and covers me in black wings.

To others, I live in pomp and grandeur.
none find the ghost around me.
The former will leave me some day
but the latter will follow me in the grave.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: ghosts
Edward Kofi Louis 23 August 2016

Unsecured job! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Sumit Ganguly 24 August 2016

Thank you for the comment. Hire-fire is part of our progressive life.

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Chukwuebuka Adebayo 23 August 2016

Do you think your shadow would follow you to grave?

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Sumit Ganguly 24 August 2016

Thank you for your query. Don't he ghost of repentance follow grave?

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