Girl-Gladness Poem by Zora Bernice May Cross


Rating: 3.1

It’s holiday time on the hollyhock hills,
And I wish you would come with me laddie-love, now,
The butterfly-bells, from the Folly-fool rills,
Will ring if you listen, and drop on your brow.
So, dear come along,
I’ve a kiss and a song,
And I know where the fairies are forging a gong
To ring up the elves to a festival fair
Of snippets of sunshine and apples of air.
O laddie, my laddie, quick, run out of school,
And away with a shout and a shake of the head;
I’ll pick you a pearl from the pigeon-pink pool
Where cuddles and kisses are going to bed,
Away, come away To the lands of the fay,
For the afternoon tinkles your lassie-love’s lay.
Play truant with Time, and while Age is asleep
I’ll give you the heart of my girlhood to keep.

Aya Sunga Askert 23 January 2018

I really enjoyed this poem. Warm, lighthearted, and I really like your choices of words. A 10 for me.

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John Richter 19 August 2015

Cute, but that's about as far as I can go- - 'Girl Gladness' is something a little different for me. Unfortunately it's a disease I've had all my life. And it's the only thing in life that I fail at repeatedly yet continue to strive and hope for again and again. In psychiatric circles they call that abnormally obsessed. But I truly feel it isn't my fault. God is the one who made curves so perfectly. He just forgot to remove the crazy.... But Zora Bernice has such a wonderfully cute name I simply must give her kudos.

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Kinyua Karanja 19 August 2015

An amazing rhymes of ababcdcd etc. It's wonderful poem

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Ramesh T A 19 August 2015

Hill preparing for festival fair where joy and fun are sure to take place are wonderfully brought to our mind's eye!

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Sukumar Choudhuri 05 November 2004

ZORA, I’ve a kiss and a song, And I know where the fairies are forging a gong BEAUTIFUL POEM. THANK'S A LOT. ALL MY BEST WISHES. SUKUMAR

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