Give Us Trust To Walk In Peace Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Give Us Trust To Walk In Peace

Oh, dear Almighty God, we are pleading guilty and staying in rowdyism
Sorry for all people, children, and adults who are being affected by this tussle
May you accept our preservation
Oh, the creator, we are mischievous intensely
And our overthinking is stricken with panic
You know the souls of all embroiled
And we urge that you will soothe and cure our harms
Ushering us in gratification and satisfaction
Oh, Loving Almighty God, we entreat for the dearest Sudan, which has already seen so much annihilation in the country
May you leisure us in our distress
Keep the flames of aspiration vital
We beseech and redeem the democracy
Oh, the creator, we beg you will be with us at this time
Save us and our lineages secure
and maybe we securely recoil to our likeable homeland very soon
Oh, the creator love, who charges us to intend truce, forward conciliation to us
Oh, the creator of pathos who approves the supplication of the injustice of innocents who consent of sufferers, the wounded folks, and all who breathe days in tears
Oh, Almighty God, be with us and those who are struggling with pacifism, uprooted or newcomers who departed the dearest Sudan has caused of deadly murder, conducted ambition to us and those who are close an ordeal
Oh, the creator of integrity and mercy
Let us not be impartial to the lament of the expulsion and the damages to the whole Sudanese who have seen their homes, their household, and communities disintegration
Love and equity make up the essence of our lovable Sudan
Yes oh, Almighty God, consent to our benediction
Support us to crack geysers for water
Not sobers for people, children and adults from vehemence and strife
Yes oh, Almighty God, listen our invocation
Give both adults and children patches to scribe rather than best up weapons to assassinate
Beyond the shadow of a doubt, as the Almighty's God, we worship you
Yes oh, the creator, we reward for Your tolerance
Do not ignore us to ourselves
Even for a squint of an eye

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: The poem was written on Wednesday,20 September 2023. This poem captures we still face many difficulties because of the lack of security in the country due to the security forces being occupied with the battles. We were face by mobs on our way, Other than the burden of travel and the different checkpoints by both security forces and Rapid Support Forces. The fighting has turned urban areas into battlefields. We raise our hands to God almighty and ask him to solve the problem of Sudan, ' he told AFP from Mecca's Grand Mosque, the world's largest. Fighting since mid-April between Sudan's regular army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces has claimed more than 2,000 lives. It has largely been concentrated in greater Khartoum and in Darfur, a vast region on Sudan's western border with Chad. The conflict has plunged Sudan into chaos, with combatants occupying homes, looting property and committing other abuses.
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