Gloom Implicit. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Gloom Implicit.

Rating: 5.0

The winter sun looks haunted
By some gloom implicit,
Or an early full moon lost
Her way in clouds' wilderness!

My inner eyes open towards
The gray mountainous clouds
That sweep across the horizon
In all her splendor strange.

Spectacular streaks of hues
Over her glimmering visage
Might denote the virgin mysteries
Of oceans, concealed since ages.

Don't you hearken the wind's rustles
That shrills the skin and senses,
The barren branches of bare bushes;
Some severe Prophetic proclamations?

I sense an impending avalanche grave,
Of hails by the dense darkness nearing,
That sends shivers within and around;
Advent of another annihilation?

Cattle with drooping heads,
Instant quivers on their skins;
Panic-stricken birds and dogs,
Pack of crickets chant of doom?

The last veil of frozen rays
Falls behind the mammoth hills,
Dusk played her bugle loud
With thunder, lightning and of rain.

The dark and heavy showers,
And other nocturnal powers
Might merge the seas and rivers,
But, will they surpass our prayers?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Edward Kofi Louis 18 November 2016

Haunted. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Valsa George 17 November 2016

We feel that the present happenings in the world portend some imminent doom! Man lives in fear and this underlying fear makes him anxious and disturbed....! It is believed that animals and birds have an extra sensory power to foresee such mishaps! Indeed a great write that makes one's mind a little agitated.....! Let us believe that prayers can render all evil forces powerless....! Full marks!

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Unwritten Soul 17 November 2016

The gloomy winter sun is never gloom somewhere, it just there because winter has clouded the real image. There is no static wrinkles on the ocean, just moving lines of turbulence waves No matter how angry sky and storm to the ground it wont break the ground into two parts As soon as time clear, winter will learn how to be spring again Great idea of you to write this

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Tajudeen Shah 17 November 2016

pls consider, its ash colored, not old.

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