Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Gm Battle Earth Began In Eden - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

In Eden choices
between good evil
were desire made.

What fruit would you eat?
What choices will you make?
What life path decision walk?

Your actions carry implications
decisions have consequences
nature has laws as do societies;

when spoken written codes
of honour are foolish broken
fickle souls become cast outs.

Will you reap benefits
of your labour solid planted?
Will you curse this earth
despoil ground giving life?

Paradise waits in our hands
paradise is ours for taking.
Technology science wisdom frees
wise nations from animal labours.

Some corporations military nations
would rather dominate oil markets.
Spend waste their youth resources
seizing guarding oilfields pipelines.

General Motors Chevron greed lies
kills promise clean green electric cars;
to pump up huge greed oil profits
shredding technology enriching lives.

Japanese fuel economy hybrid cars
dominates resource saving efficiencies;
out distances American gas guzzling cars
while America reaps greenhouse storms.

Wise nations will embrace clean energies
while greed chokes on green house gases;
wind solar power rises eastern economies
China Japan Korea make wise electric cars.

Cry for American exploited poor stolen wages
oil companies sucked dry at life draining gas pumps;
weep blue American ice homes winter chill heat costs;
blessing stripped no free solar energy roof tiles.

Jimmy Carter put solar panels
on White House roofs;
said no more profit wastes
expensive war import oils.

George Bush immediately trashed solar panels
ripped from White House roofs slashed dreams;
of American prosperity to bushel in his oil bribes
Bush promoted extremely expensive hydrogen cells.

General Motors deliberately put weak electric batteries
inferior limiting range batteries into EV1 electric cars;
bought superior batteries shelved stopped distributions
GM sold miracle battery company to Chevron who toasts;

with combined oil industry all cheap alternate energies
US government oil industry automobile manufacturers;
promote oil dependency air pollution Middle East politics
global warming George W. Bush administration sly kills;

American citizen dreams of cheaper clean green lives
GM frantic steals crushes 5000 new miracle electric cars;
in their unholy crusade to bath in pools of oil glut profits
GM's EV1 had a lead acid battery with a range of 60 miles;

sly evil GM refuses nickel-metal or lithium (Nissan) batteries
with customer desired ranges in excess of 100 or more miles;
GM suppresses Ovonics from advertizing improved batteries
GM sells double range batteries company to oil glut greedies;

General Motors sold battery supplier's majority control shares
Chevron/Cobasys guilty of shelving American electric dreams;
Alan Cocconi explained laptop computer lithium ion batteries
would have upgraded EV1 per charge to a range of 300 miles.

No No corporate greed maggots screamed consumers
cannot have cheap no internal combustion engine cars;
world must run on our oil scream sleaze oil pack rats
oil industry Western States Petroleum Association acts;

finances public opinion campaigns to kill utility efforts
to build any service public electric car charging stations;
dirty Chevron swift buys up brilliant energy saving patents
controlling interest in advanced battery company Ovonics;

to market control to prevent modern NiMH batteries
saving money being used in non-hybrid electric cars;
yes folks the snakes escaped from Eden their seasons
in sun ensure gas dependent public must live as bums.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Original concept draft written 31.5.2011.

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