God Poem by Madathil Rajendran Nair


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The dilapidated atheist sat
Self-proclaimed rationalist
Fondling his smoky beard
Eyes myopic, looks haggard
Laboring with tons of knowledge
That loaded his swollen head
Case of intellectual encephalitis

A sign-board on his desk read
'There is no God' - the goddamned word
He said should be removed
From all dictionaries the kids read
So they grew up true rationalists
Excelled as great scientists

An untouched fat tome covered with dust
Adorned a corner of his desk
Oxford, Chambers, or Webster,
God knows whatever
Perhaps, a volume of the great Britannica
That carried knowledge without measure
By which he always swore
Except for that one unfortunate word
'God', which he was convinced
Shouldn't exist, for God doesn't exist

His life now almost expended
In negating sadly what he was convinced
Never ever existed
He was feared by the pious
None dared debate with him
Invincible he strode
Like Fagin of Dickens
Triumphant, villainous, grinning
Hands inserted in his trouser pockets

Till a guy, stupid in his eyes,
Shot a poser - why not identify
Other things that don't exist
And have them too prised
Away from the books children read

Fagin fumed with scorn
Dumb-ass, go ahead mention
Just one other thing that should be thrown
Into the bin with your unwanted icon

Nonchalant answered the stupid
Permanence is first in my list
Show me a thing that forever exists
In a universe where even stars perish
More such words then I can enlist

Caught on wrong foot, Fagin thought,
This dumb-ass he shouldn't underrate
Cautious now he explained
Permanence can remain
For it is just a concept, an antonym,
For the impermanence the world suffers

Heat and cold I can accept
Light and darkness as well,
Stupid rejoined, as antonyms,
For the pairs very much exist
So is the case with happiness
And all our unhappiness,
For both do we experience
How in the world, tell me, Sir,
Do you accept what doesn't exist
As antonym for a fact plaguing our midst?

What logic permits you
To accept non-existent impossibilities
Into your reasoning sensibilities
Like immortality and omniscience
Fullness and omnipotence
When all that you have for keeps
Is death, change, limitation and weakness?

And why does your maths
Yearn to embrace the impossible lass
Who is christened infinity
When all it has are numbers
Playing finitudinal chess
And counting pebbles like Newton said?

Fagin sat speechless
He knew he had to trash
With God, a lot of his erstwhile vocabulary
All the words the dumb-ass arrayed
Which he had shamelessly used
In his innumerable debates
With eminent adversaries

The simpleton closed the debate
Giving Fagin a parting kick
It is immortality against which you rue
Your time-bound mortality
As every change that occurs in time
Is seen against an unchanging screen
It is omniscience against which shines
Your silly knowledge and ignorance
And it is fullness that lights up
The falsity of your limited being
All your wants and inadequacies

Without the three you can't be
The world can't be
The three are non-different
And synonyms for the God you trash
As is permanence which you can't spot
And yet not do away with

The day this Truth is realized
Reckon you are no more you
The failing corpus, but one with God
Nay, there is nothing else then but God
Against Whom the world does seem
Afflicted by birth and death
Change, wants and ignorance
For which reason He is called
The Creator with the magic wand
Now tell me if you want God trashed
Mind you then you too are trashed

Fagin sat stroking his beard
A bruised ego licked its sores
A perennial malady for atheists
All confounded rationalists

Kelly Kurt 12 February 2016

I believe that you know I am an atheist. I also still identify as an agnostic. Although I am anti-religion, I cannot prove a negative (the nonexistence of god) and so I cannot rule out the possibility, as small as it might be. I can understand using the concept as an encompassing metaphor for nature, but to belive anything on faith alone, in my eyes, is the definition of a mental disorder. The literature value of this piece is excellent. A very wittily worded, parable like presentation, written with skill.

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Bri Edwards 01 October 2016

Madathil aka MN has considerately responded (see below) to a previous lengthy comment i left on this page. i am working on a lengthy response to his response! it may not be ready for a week, as my time and brain capacity does not allow me to complete it [and be done with it! ] as quickly as i would like to be. bri :) :) p.s. i really would rather read more of his less-involved/controversial? poems, eat ice cream, and take walks in the country!

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There is no hurry. Please take your time. In the meanwhile, enjoy your ice-cream and walks. You are right complex thoughts can't be explained without being wordy.

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Bri Edwards 24 September 2016

OK, I'VE PASTED INTO Microsoft Word. now i can look at it later even if PH doesn't want to make it available. time is short on computer now; i'll read more and comment more later (today?) . bri :)

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 24 September 2016

Thank you. Please take your time.

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Bri Edwards 21 September 2016

......! Those whose heads are swollen with intellectual encephalitis do not realize that they cannot even move a little finger if God doesn't will! ......that is part of the comment left here by my very good PH friend, Valsa George! well, Valsa and others, is it JUSTt we with intellectual encephalitis who cannot even move a little finger if God doesn't will it? ? ? ? i wondered why my little finger would not move when i tried to pick my nose today! ok, jokes aside, IS IT? ? or does God have to will ANYONE's little finger to move? how about my big toe, left foot? how about the hand of a terrorist about to drop a bomb on a packed train? a kidnapper's foot as she tries to accelerate her vehicle as the police are chasing her? ? ? think about THAT! but i haven't even read the whole poem yet. i started yesterday and found the effort painless, as the writing of it is (so far) extremely fine. i sense a bit of humor in the author as well as in (i hope) this reader. i have had friends try unsuccessfully to herd me back into Jesus's flock. it just won't work, ...........unless God wills it, and for almost fifty years God has not willed it [apparently]. i don't believe in Jesus's father either i.e. God. now, maybe God has secret reasons for willing bad things and not willing good things to happen. i doubt any human will ever know what is behind God's actions/inactions. well, i'm at the library and before i lose this partial comment, as i did at home yesterday, i'll stop here for now, BUT i plan to return to finish reading and commenting. bri ;)

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 21 September 2016

Immense thanks and welcome.

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Abderrahmane Dakir 08 March 2016

Many ideas you wrote in this poem that helped us to see in another way different things.Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you friend.

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Mark Heathcote 14 February 2016

A good read thanks for sharing…

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