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Our house was small, but it's full, all my family in it,
Men and women cooed, the elders laughed and children played,
Though no one complained or groaned. All like sprightly men.

You use the whiteners to light your skin,
I'm afraid you lead your body to pain.

You take medicine to lose your weight,

You try working in any place,
Your mind has to be at peace.

You want to focus on an activity,

If you want to hear their laughter,
Keep a distance from your lover.

If you want to strengthen your character,

I get energized by being alone.
At work, at home or on that stone.

To create a new idea, I need your light,

Your smile invites our
Thoughts to relax within your sight,
Troubles to melt in your path,
Senses to mesmerize in your eyes,

My Dog has won competition in race,
I have learned to run in any place.

He comes to stay by my side in my loneliness,

After achieving my first goal, they tell me I've succeeded,
The next day, I was inwardly bored and very depressed.

Once I related myself to the One of limitless power,

Your appearance lets me affected,
Your look in all time not changed,
Your principle as I know remained.
Your great clothes fit you well I liked.

You want to count my age,
You are not kind enough tell me what I rage,
My skin and my hair turn a new page,
You are strong enough to keep me in your cage.

You are my whole on my trip,
I love to travel on your ship.

My hope is to reach that land,

Their dream light the world,
Their vision warm the cold.

They spent all their life in event,

Your laugh is still in my ear,
Your sight is what I admire,
Your voice is sweet I hear,
Your face is in my thought so clear,

When I was teenager,
My time was eternal,
My health was typical,
But my money was little.

Failure is chance to attempt,
From your birth to your death.

The greatest people of all time succeeded,

Working on your building dream floor by floor,
By using merely steel with concrete,
To achieve the highest building in the world,

I call you savior when you save the lives of thousands,
I call you murderer when you carry death in your hands.

Some people are so afraid to go to your hospital,

His father left the family,
His mother sold him to a factory.

He didn't have a chance to go to school,

You enjoy to take a risk it's your right,
Let me know before leaving that night.

I tell you being with friends or a coach,

You saw the models in the magazine,
Then you decided to be skinny and thin.

You hear the criticism of your friend,

Abderrahmane Dakir Biography

Mr Dakir was born in Casablanca in Morocco and is a graduate from the University of Hassan II in mathematics as well as from the University of Henri Poincare, France, in European Sciences. He has worked in international companies since 1998 as a web engineer. In 2003, he founded and now manages his company 1NEWLOG. In February 2015, he published his first book GIVE ME A BETTER LIFE.)

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Family Connections

Our house was small, but it's full, all my family in it,
Men and women cooed, the elders laughed and children played,
Though no one complained or groaned. All like sprightly men.

We had time to tell the longest story enthusiastically,
We had time to savor the delicious homemade food,
We were poor but you came and stayed many months with us.

Now our house is big, but it's empty, all our broken hearts apart,
everyone is busy, everyone hurriedly scribbled a note, excuse me, I'm in hurry,
I reckon our connection was old fashioned, I don't know, I have no idea.

Now you are busy, you couldn't even listen to me,
We haven't time to cook, we go out shamelessly,
We are rich but we scarcely saw each other.
We reluctantly agreed to talk each other casually,

Maybe my poetry and my story don't seem worthwhile to read.
Your bruised treasury is pathetic unless you would be genuinely connected.

Before you would see me in the street and you couldn't recognize my face.
Please say yes to my invitation, I remain faithful to my fertile connection,
Please say yes to my invitation, I'm committed to my huge connection,

We are created all together, to keep in touch with each other,
You Could recover my injured soul, the fatalism would be better again,
I and you Could turn the past into renewed memories at least once again.

Abderrahmane Dakir © 2018

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