God Is There To Care Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

God Is There To Care

O- God- You are very kind
Thinks in this way my mind
Everywhere you only I find
A non-believer is only blind

Due to your majestic presence
Life carries some sense
You teach miraculous lessons
The bad, your force imprisons

If wrong is by someone done
It causes to the innocent burden
But, you never give any pardon
For the World you are the warden

Those who indulge in atrocity
Will be punished with ferocity
Fools misjudge your capacity
And ignorantly show cruelty

So long as you are there
The World, you will care
Our burden you will bear
To help us you will dare

Your presence is surely felt
Without you life is difficult
You only produce every result
You only take possible insult

You live in all the direction
You only perform all action
You only give satisfaction
And offer all protection

Every voice is your command
You supply power to hand
You only created the sand
You alone make us understand

When we are severely beaten
Our hope and trust turn rotten
As ill-luck comes to flatten
And our joy bad times threaten

At last to you we all surrender
And feel sorry for our blunder
The needed help you render
As you are the noblest sender.
by: merrypens :))

Kumarmani Mahakul 16 May 2020

God is ever kind to all creature and he is very kind to you too. God is merciful. He impacts deeply our minds. This poem is very brilliantly penned.

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