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God's Favors Are Infinite And Unlimited Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere

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God created everything For a reason in this big And wide universe... He created us, He created all other creatures, Visible or invisible, and He created everything... If we look around, then We will find a lot of admiring things As great as our eyes can scan them... He created those high and wide heavens In all they contain wonderfully and beautifully, He created us greatly, wonderfully, and Even beautifully in a very designed shape... If we look at our creation, then We will be wondering for ever and ever... If we count God's favors, then We will not be able at all Simply because they are infinite and They are unlimited... This big and wide universe indicates There is that Great God behind it only... We are nothing in front of His Greatness simply because He can create continually without taking Permission from any creatures, but From His Own Self... If we, for example, look at our bodies, then We will find our eyes, ears, hands, ..., ..., and Trillions of other veins and capillaries that Extend and expand infinitely... If we look at nature around us, then We will be bewildering For what we are seeing For ever and ever... We are just as grain of sand or We are only like a drop of water Or even less in this big and wide universe... God's favors are anywhere and everywhere Simply because that's the way with them... We only need to stroll, We only need to look around us, and We only need to think about that great creation Of this big and wide universe in all That it contains from all visible or invisible favors Anywhere and everywhere... ______________________________________________________________________

God's Favors Are Infinite And Unlimited Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere
Saturday, March 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: creation
God's favors are greatly and wonderfully unlimited and infinite...