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God's Gates Are Always Open

This cruel world has closed All of its doors in front us For many, many reasons... We don't know where to go With our families! We can not go by land, by sea, and Even by air for many, many reasons... Our current world is absolutely Absurd and ignorant in what it does... We don't understand our current world's Ugly behavior anytime, anywhere, and even everywhere... We are in a big loss amid A stormy and big sea of sadness... No one ever cares about those people Who die bitterly inside truck-trailers, Inside boats, or anything else! No one likes to hear those loud and unheard cries Of those people who were left Here and there in vain... Only God sees and sees What's going to all of us... If this world is no more, then God's Gates will be remaining open For everyone who got tired of This bad world of ours... _______________________________________________________________________

God's Gates Are Always Open
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: loss