kaustubh tilve

God's Wish

Poem by kaustubh tilve

It gives birth to its most adorable one.
The dearest to the deer opens eyes in this world of fun.

Short time spends with family and tries to like the place.
Every previlege it enjoys, since the youngest of its race.

The mother very cautious always keeps it in her sight.
Feeds it with delish, taking care day and night.

Very happy both start enjoying their zealous life.
The thing they want and get, is love from each other in rife.

But, the vigilant eyes of the predetor targets the young as the pray.
Plans for the brutal attack, which for sure will take him away.

The innocent little once, goes to take a nap.
Their mission accomplishes as he walks into their trap.

The innocent not even knows that he is gonna die.
Feels so secure and doesn't even cry.

The mother sees her child trapped in the doom.
The sky collapses on her shoulder and heart fills with gloom.

Knows not a chance but, still goes to fight back.
The most inhumane assault comes across the eyes of their pack.

The predetor kills the mother and then on child puts the claw.
You say nature is great, but this is also its law.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poem Edited: Wednesday, April 27, 2011