Clouds And Waves Poem by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Calcutta (Kolkata), Bengal Presidency / British India

Clouds And Waves

Rating: 3.7

Mother, the folk who live up in the clouds call out to me-
'We play from the time we wake till the day ends.
We play with the golden dawn, we play with the silver moon.'
I ask, 'But how am I to get up to you? '
They answer, 'Come to the edge of the earth, lift up your
hands to the sky, and you will be taken up into the clouds.'
'My mother is waiting for me at home, 'I say, 'How can I leave
her and come? '
Then they smile and float away.
But I know a nicer game than that, mother.
I shall be the cloud and you the moon.
I shall cover you with both my hands, and our house-top will
be the blue sky.
The folk who live in the waves call out to me-
'We sing from morning till night; on and on we travel and know
not where we pass.'
I ask, 'But how am I to join you? '
They tell me, 'Come to the edge of the shore and stand with
your eyes tight shut, and you will be carried out upon the waves.'
I say, 'My mother always wants me at home in the everything-
how can I leave her and go? '
They smile, dance and pass by.
But I know a better game than that.
I will be the waves and you will be a strange shore.
I shall roll on and on and on, and break upon your lap with
And no one in the world will know where we both are.

Clouds And Waves
Vanita Thakkar 01 August 2009

Such great expression - pure, hearty emotions and wonderful imagination! ! A real masterpiece! !

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Kavitha Mj 21 April 2012

Wonderful portrayel of mother and child relationship! ! !

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Tabassum Malik 26 August 2012

A wonderful portrayl of innocent desire of a child, abeautiful presentation of mother child relation ship.

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Neelima Devi Vuddaraju 30 June 2009

Wonderful poem about the childs unconditional love towards mother. Every mom wil be happy to hear this.

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Maitreyee Joshi 05 June 2009

this is a real imagination with a stroke of a master.

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Tessi Mathew 15 July 2023

Genius level of poetry

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Aufie Zophy 21 April 2023

Beautiful. Brings me back from the clouds to my youth. As a young child I felt already my calling. Surely it would take me physically away from my mom, but then bringing the mom spiritually along, is the solution. Great poem!

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Rajan T Renganathan 17 April 2023

Classic poem. Great write Sir.

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Susan Williams 09 February 2023

It is wise to read the classic poets and learn from them how to do this thing called creative writing whether it be poetry or prose--magnificence is the lode star that we look to for guidance

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 September 2022

What a beautiful poem. A great depiction of mother and child relationship. Very touching and inspiring.

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Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Calcutta (Kolkata), Bengal Presidency / British India
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