Goddess Durga Kills Tyrant Ashura, The King Of Demon Poem by umaprosad das

Goddess Durga Kills Tyrant Ashura, The King Of Demon

We worship every year our Saviour, Goddess Durga, in the Autumn
She killed the devil, full of greed and guilt, Asura, the King of Demon
We make idols of Durga, Ashura, Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and Kartik
So good with mud and sponge-wood framed by wood or bamboo stick

The satans i.e. Ashuras, the human brutes get birth on earth in numbers
To torture and exploit the due right for ever of the poor and humbler
We celebrate this great occasion as a symbolic destruction of tyrants
Pray to Almighty, safety and security of the weak and meek to grant

The idols are painted, dressed and decorated in pomp and grandeur
Standing on Tiger's back, Devi Durga struck and killed mighty Ashur
While killing him, though She is cruel extreme and of fierce looking
Assures full safeties to Her devotees granting of desires and blessings

As Epic tells Devil Ashura from Hail along with his wicked followers
Attacked Gods in Heaven, again and again, to drive out them for ever
Gods and Goddesses met together to get, out of the threat, a solution
Durga came armoured with weapon, killed them hidden under illusion

Durgapuja festival in the year interval is celebrated here in Autumn
After Rama worshipped Devi Durga to kill the Kidnapper Dashanan
Dashanan was very strong and proud king of Lanka and resourceful
Kidnapped Sitadevi getting attracted by her beauty and revengeful

Rama, the Dasharath-son exiled from own kingdom prayed for boon
To kill Dashanan in his rescue mission of his his wife as possible as soon
Devi Durga was immensely pleased with his prayer and worship
Blessed Rama to defeat Dashanan, kill the demon and rescue wife

It was the victory of truth, defeat of brute, the destruction of evils
We believe in heart, God on earth, appears in ages to stop the devils
Since then the holy occasion as a tradition is being celebrated here
To gain confidence, overcome oppression, love and delight to share

This function brings contribution and has an overall good impact
Over society in respect of unity, sharing of love affection, in fact
Reconciliation, distribution of brotherhood is part of the tradition
Forgetting and excusing enmity, zealous and difference of opinion

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 20 October 2015

Navarathiri and its significance is well written as a poem here. thank you for sharing! ! May you be blessed with all goodness of life! ! !

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Umaprosad Das 21 October 2015

Thank you, Ma'm for kindly going through the poetry and reciprocate the same sentiment to yoy for the best wishes for Navarathiri. With warm regards

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