eva grajewski

Going 2 And Fro - Poem by eva grajewski

There's somthing I need to tell you. I am not what I say I am
my unhuman bone's growing old. my soul streeching for the sky!
wanting to fly high. this soul getting restless. am I human?
that's what i ask myself. am I? ? ?
time in it's self i cant tell you. secerts i have.
in my heart-box. i've lost it's key.
for i throw it all away into the death of my eyes.
lost fover. Am i lost forever?
i keep a watch full eye on my own mind.
trust myself i cant.
dont know what i am capible of.
Am I dangeous to life?
Am I a treat?
who was I? back when before.
do I recall my soul?
there's nothing i need from you.
nothing at all.
damneged for ever.
lost in counfustion, found in the sun.
whatever I am i dont want to kno.
keep it a secert even to me.
i have no less-of a chance to be me.
for i myself an't me.
deadly to all. my heart is.
death of an angel.
dark angel.
god? or demon?
unlike to suceed.
i am only a ghost lost in the world.
going to and fro.
walkin up and down it.
looking for a heart of gold.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 4, 2010

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